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Initial D Arcade Stage

Sho OB wet reclaimed by Luna Apr. 21
Luna, Korea Lightning's top player, has posted a 3'00'590 on Shomaru Outbound Wet, reclaiming the world record which HKS stripped him of earlier this week. However, HKS claims he has a faster theory, and shows no signs of backing down from the challenge. This has potential to be an interesting battle, will they hit 2'59?

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USA hits 2'19 Akagi! Apr. 20
JJ has hit 2'19'915 with an RX-8 on Akagi DH Dry, this has won him a spot in the world top 10 and is the first player in North America to hit 2'19. Congrats to JJ!

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Site Updates Apr. 18
1 New video added, my stock evo4 iro dh run (2'59)
And some counters added to the right
A lot more stuff coming, stay tuned...

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Japanese Swith-Up Apr. 18
Odadaiki from 左手魔神會 has started attacking Sho IB. His FD3S VI managed to claim the model record for just under a week.
Taromisaki took it back last night with a 2'57"835 and it's pretty much pushed close to the limits barring any new tricks.

Other news, the AE86 Trueno Akina DH WET o_O oooooh hot!!!

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Prepare for some change Apr. 17
As you can see, the administrative team here at iDA has implemented a comment system for our updates. It runs off a forum that will be used to make all the updates for iDA from now on. Currently it uses the list of registered members on since April 15th, so any people wishing to comment on anything that didn't previously have an account on idforums will have to make an account here.

Further more, the comment system will be implemented on all pages - as well as a complete revamp of the Teams section and a few others to follow.

Look forward to seeing some counters next.

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Taro retakes Happo OB Dry Apr. 15
Taro retakes Happo OB Dry for many cars:
-EK9 - 2'17'6
-EG6 - 2'19'1
-DC2 - 2'19'7
-SW20 - 2'18'3

While on the topic of Happo, KISHU's Skaction has updated his Happo IB time with the EG6. He is currently #4 in the world with a

Also representing KISHU, LMH has been busy attacking Akina UH dry. His efforts have not been for nothing, he has captured the Altezza Akina UH dry record with a 3'08'5 and also had the Sil Eighty Akina UH dry record for 2 days before it was reclaimed by Prodigy'z Opus member KVN.

Prodigy'z Opus, looking to uphold their title as the #1 Initial D Arcade team, has also been at work lately. In addition to the Happo OB recapture, HKS has reclaimed Shomaru OB Wet with a 3'00'7 and Shomaru IB Wet with a 3'01'1(unfortunately, e-ei's hacked time remains #1).

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New layout and new posting system Apr. 15
We've implemented a new update/post system. The update entry you are reading right now is fed from a message board. What does this mean ? It means we'll be having more experienced Initial D Arcade Stage players updating on iDA and writing update entries on the latest Initial D Arcade Stage news.

We hope you enjoy the changes so far. Be sure to check back later, because we'll be adding more stuff such as comments/replies function, poll, ... etc.

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