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Initial D Arcade Stage

What's going on? May. 28
As some of you may or may not know, a large number of number one records have been posted all over the IR.

Such BS times as a 51 second Tsuchisaka Outbound Dry run and 1'18 on Akina Downhill have been posted. Strangely enough the cars used are mostly the EK9 Civic Type R

A sample viewing of the times can be found Here.

What could this mean? Could these people possibly want to show that the EK9 isn't just a ricer car and that all that riciness can make it fast? Only time will tell.

Edit: You can all breathe safely now, the EK9 times got deleted.

Comments (20) | add Odintu 8:09am

Taromisaki retakes Akagi UH from Takura May. 25
Set less than 9 hours ago at GoldStar.. the Akagi UH record comes back to Hong Kong. Theory has been pushed further and we now await Takura's hidden times.
Countdown started almost 5 hours ago and still on!

Comments (3) | add Odie 12:32pm

CKF takes Akina DH by a huge margin... May. 15
I think it's all done... seriously there is not that much more theory left from that run.... just the difference between a low 54"6 and his 54"697.... as close as human effort can put together I guess.

The best thing is that EVERY SINGLE CP saw an "UP!" from his old 2'54"979 time (which I think is also unposted) but then I posted up the 54"6 and a pic of the board

Comments (11) | add Odie 9:27am

JJ takes Usui CW dry RX-8 record May. 13
JJ, of Team Reiatsu, has posted a 2'46'5 on Usui CW Dry with the RX-8. He has beaten CKF's old time by a whole .2. This is a big accomplishment, as the RX-8 records are some of the hardest to achieve. To top it off, he claims he still knock down a few hundreths of a second.

However, CKF is a tough competitor, and his time is now close to a year and a half old. Known for being able to reclaim any record within a 24 hour period, he will, without a doubt, be back to try to take this one.

Comments (9) | add Excel 8:56pm

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