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Initial D Arcade Stage

Version 4 CONFIRMED! Aug. 16
After recent rumors had everyone in a tizzy, The Magic Box has finally confirmed that Sega is releasing a 4th version of Initial D Arcade Stage. There are little to no details at the moment about any aspects of the game.

Link to The Magic Box's brief one liner in regards to the game:

Disscussion topic:

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Initial D National Tournament Cup - CHINA Jul. 24
A National Initial D Competition to rival the Japanese official tourney is now entering the group phase as of today in China. The initial phase will run until the end of the month and the finals will take place on the 16th of August.

The competition is split into 2 sections :

1) Individual entry
2) Team entry

Those who enter the team section are not allowed to participate in the individual competition (Dayam! XD)

As for the prizes on offer, for the individuals, 2nd runner-up nets RMB 1000 , 1st runner-up RMB 2000 and Champion gets RMB 3000

Team section : 2nd runner-up RMB 5000 , 1st runner-up RMB 8000 and Team Winner nets a staggering RMB 10000 !!!! Everything being cheap in China, 10000 is a heck of a lot of money... o_O

The tourney will be televised by the Guangzhou TV station and Prodigy'z Opus have been invited as guests on the day of the finals.

We will be making our way to Guangzhou on the day and to get an idea of the competition and the location, local team members in Guangzhou (TWQ et al) invited us during the weekend for a visit and a few free credits of ID.

Oh... Congratulations to HKS for taking the Iro reverse wet GC8V model record @ Guangzhou Teemall Arcade.

More news to add later... Watch this space!!!

Initial D Version 3 - China National Tournament Cup

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Recent events Jul. 21
There has finally been enough action to warrant an update! Heres the latest!

Taromisaki(泰來) has been on the move as of late! First, he beat Lord Racing No. 5's Akagi UH time, finishing the effort started by Yuet@ to take back Akagi from the Japanese. He scored a 2'24'4, taking the record by a bit under .02. You can check it out on the IR(click HERE).

In addition, he also reclaimed his world record on Happo Outbound Dry from Oda Daiki(おだだいき). So far, there has been no moves on the part of Oda Daiki(おだだいき) to take back his record. However, both have a theory time of 2'17'3, meaning that this heated battle is far from being won. Click HERE to check out the official rankings.

In news outside of Hong Kong, Jikex(a top player from Taiwan) has taken the #1 spot on Akina DH wet from CKF. He took the record by a mere .006. This is the 2nd world record ever to be had by Taiwan, ever since MSM took the Irohazaka DH dry record in January. The question is, will CKF reclaim the record? No one has seen any action from him as of late, but perhaps this will motivate him to return to Initial D. You can see the rankings HERE.

Finally, Inazuma R(イナヅマR), the leader of Left Hand Demon God(左手魔神会) has recently released a video displaying his outrageous wall crashing Irohazaka technique. Its strongly suggested that you find some where to check this video out, you will be shocked! While on the topic, Inazuma R has also come quite close to the Akagi DH wet world record as of late, he is only about .4 from the record. Keep an eye out for that!

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TEAMS Area Format Update Jul. 12
Finally, after much delay, the highly anticipated new teams section is up!
Featuring Do-It-Yourself posting of teams and regionalization.

Team leaders and representatives can post all your info now!
If you are going to include a website (in the Topic Description), make sure you include "http://"

Me and Perry have left huge room for expansion so keep an eye out for more features to come, because they will come soon....

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CKF Akina DH 2'54"697 VIDEO released Jun. 3
ok just in case no one has it (almost like saying "in case no one has ever had a wet dream)... the CKF video has been made public a week ago.

the link from my team page has expired but can be found on irc #kishu I believe. If needed i can upload it once again. Or maybe excel can do it XD

The main point in the video isn't the actual Akina run on the whole but the beginning and the last bit.
Regarding the video, the only thing interesting is right after the fireworks straight when CKF points at the CP times... check the screen on the left cab!!! So funny XD

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