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Initial D Arcade Stage

Drama on the snowy slopes! Dec. 16
Akina Downhill Snow has finally been taken!

Gosu of Japan has posted a 3'19"349 on the course with a surprising course car, the GDB!

Look, here it is!

There is no information on whether or not Bart of the USA wishes to retake the record, but this will prove to be a significant shake-up as the GDB now becomes the number one Akina Snow Downhill car.

EDIT: CKF Has taken the course, once again using a Celica to reach 3'19"254!

The Drama is really starting now.

Comments (18) | add Odintu 8:27pm

Irohazaka DH Evo IV 2'54"557 Dec. 13
Ran it without the dog present but there is more room for improvement.

Also, all the old deleted records are back again so no need to run Shomaru with the cap.. it's considered worse than living in hell.

Comments (22) | add Odie 11:29pm

CKF USUI... Nov. 26
USUI is back in HK (at least the record is ; the place has always been in Japan)
after a few stints with the sil80 and 180sx... both cars are similar and still don't know which is faster on the right.

Irohazaka looks extremely dangerous with Cat King pushing a 54"7...

With Akagi UH WET, the BNR32 is retaken at 2'28"195

No one is touching Shomaru yet... they'll go back to it later when the others are done.

Finally, MT the Myogi GOD who retired ages ago will be making his way back very soon before AS4 hits... looks like the final 4 world records will be taken from the Japanese as well.

Comments (16) | add Odie 4:02pm

Japanese on the offensive, yet again Nov. 23
First, a happy Thanksgiving to all of our US readers.

The Japanese have been very active in Initial D this week. Records have been taken on all maps, two world records even falling to the assault.

First, Usui CW Dry has been taken by a NSP. 2'45'336 with a Sil80 has been posted and 2'45'428 with a 180SX has also been posted. Once again, the Sil80 reigns supreme over the 180SX as the god car of Usui.

Today, Gosu from Team Onihime(Demon Princess) has also taken the Akagi Uphill Wet record from Japanese team RCP's no.6. He rewrote the record with a 2'28'203. It should be very interesting to see whether the record can be pushed into the 27s or not.

The other Japanese players have not been slouches either. 4G63 has recently taken a piece of Akina, beating CKF's Evo 5 record. Inazuma R has been pushing his wall raping technique to a whole new level, scoring a 3'01'6 with the ER34 on Iro wet(the 4th car to achieve a 3'01). Finally, an unknown player from Japan has also beaten the RX-8 Shomaru Outbound Dry record. Combine this with the recent deletion of Yuet@s Cappuccino record puts the RX-8 in VERY close position with the Capp, making it very close to being the #1 car on yet another course.

It isn't all quiet in Hong Kong, either. Taromisaki has been wrapping up some more Akagi UH records, including the FC. He is very close to holding the record for every car on that course. HKS has also made his move on Akina DH snow, taking many of Bart's old records. CKF has been all over the map, cleaning up records in Iro and Akina.

This month should be a crazy month, even with the release of IDv4 on the horizon, it looks like many are STILL finding more ways to push those records.

Comments (3) | add Excel 12:01pm

Tsuchisaka OB Retaken by HK Nov. 17
New record for tsu ob dry has been set. At this time, the record has yet to be posted but when it does, link here.

I am still unsure as to who set the record but I think it was Yuet at goldstar. Also unknown is whether or not he used any new techniques.
Stay tuned for Odie's reply.

Comments (8) | add razorsuKe 11:50pm

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