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Initial D Arcade Stage

New Link to MCI Mar. 20
KISHU MCI - MultiCheck Internet Ranking
Has a new location at iDA.

As the domain was down for 3 months, this tool was relocated onto the iDA servers.

- MCI is a tool used to check the top times of specific regions quickly.
- It instantly loads Myogi/Usui/Akagi or Akina/Iro/Snow or Happo/Sho/Tsu onto 6 frames to instantly glance at the top times on those courses.
- is back in my possession thanks to Perry's generous donation and is now up and running.

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Taking back Sho Wet Mar. 18
After 1 day of trying, 2fast has taken back the North American record for Shomaru Outbound Wet and taking 4th place in the world in the process.

2fast confirms that he has every intention of attempting to take the world record which he held for a period of time in October of 2004.
On a technical note, he is using 4in 4out for the first turn, believing it to be the fastest method but needs to improve the last turn of cp1.

Comments (37) | add razorsuKe 5:46pm

Akagi and Akina attack!!! Mar. 12
On the Akina side, MSM is fighting all the way for the #1 spot I guess and currently posts a 2'54"866

On the other side of the mountain, Akagi is still under attack from Hawk (Seiji) and his Evo III. A huge leap from 2'19"9 to a 2'19"7.....

Hopefully by tonight the record will be rewritten again XD ...

Comments (17) | add Odie 9:12pm

WTF? Did 2fast just post a record? Feb. 22
I'm about to head to bed, (at 8:20am T_T ) when for some reason I check mci canada and see this:

waffles and diet pepsi? trademark of 2fast....

Could it be someone else?

Comments (34) | add razorsuKe 4:21am

Breath of Fresh Air Feb. 15
feels good now that the clutter of hacked times are gone.
Everyone can have a clear view of the S14Q 1st place time on akagi now.

Comments (0) | add razorsuKe 10:04pm

New Akagi DH World Record! Feb. 15

Ignore the hacked times and you will see that CKF has taken Yuet's akagi down world record.
But wait... where is his RX-8?
Indeed, no rx8 was used for this feat, only the raw handling power of the Silvia S14Q!

Comments (33) | add razorsuKe 7:40am

Those darned hackers Feb. 7
As you may have already seen, there have been hacked times posted over almost all parts of the IR.

Most notably hit is the Akina Downhill Dry IR, which you can see here.

Comments (34) | add Odintu 4:38am

Akagi under attack Jan. 20
As of late, Akagi has been seeing alot of action. In the past week or so, the Japanese have taken the S14Q, GC8V(already reclaimed by CKF) and Evo 3 records. The S14Q record is particularly big, bring it even closer to the RX-8. SWK, a relatively unknown player outside of Korea, has also been on the move, taking nearly all the Silvia records, excluding the S15 and S14Q.

Comments (101) | add Excel 6:21am

Shomaru WR run rx8 2'54"580 Jan. 14
Damnit, Shomaru happened last night and none of us knew of it until today >.<

members should not secretly hide and play without telling anyone!!!

Comments (17) | add Odie 5:36am

CKF Usui... 2'45"173 Jan. 9
Crazy run.

Comments (17) | add Odie 5:00am

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