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CKF takes Akagi WR from Korea Jun. 22
i just checked the IR for akagi dh, CKF took akagi from korea with a time of 2'19"191 with his rx8

here's the link:

Comments (28) | add Larmo 1:13pm

Now Open! - iDA Covert Ops: ID v4 Jun. 19

News - Fed up to date with the latest reports from around the world
Multimedia - Music, Videos, Pictures
Articles - User thoughts on what's going on

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Reyherks sinks to a new low May. 17
Ridiculed by everyone in the Initial D Arcade community, known loser Reyherks shows us just how much of a lamer he can be by posting a hacked time using his name (and messaging me about it)

Way to go man, you must be proud!

Comments (54) | add razorsuKe 3:29am

Korea takes Akagi May. 10
RX-8 assumes top position once again as SWK pulls a 2'19"219 on Akagi DHD.

Comments (25) | add CoastalmixX 12:41pm

Version 4 Released in Hong Kong Apr. 28
IDAS4 has been released in Hong Kong with a few set backs. First the average price dropped from HK$10 to HK$7, and then it was discovered that cards cannot be renewed outside of Japan as of now.

Cowman715: I'm sure we'll see some WR's get distroyed tonight xD

Comments (94) | add Cowman715 10:32am

Noobs WILL believe anything! Apr. 26
A radically new and totally random study proves that you can infact tell anything you want to noobs on the web and they will probably believe it.
User mayheihei adds me on April 24, 2007 and the following converstaion takes place over 3 days until he says freezer trick and I LoL.


Comments (20) | add razorsuKe 10:50am

Huge gap uncovered on the downhill of Irohazaka. Apr. 15
It's big... it's huge... it's red.... is it a red dinosaur? is it an office block made of bricks? no... it's an rx8 with over a 0.4 gap between the model record and 2nd in the table.

You can only imagine the theory for that car... if it's classed as a car that is >.<
I think it was under 10 credits at Goldstar.

Comments (26) | add Odie 7:12am

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