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Initial D Arcade Stage

v3 Records Continue to be Sought After Sep. 9
Many are chasing, (and quite successfully I might add) world records.
Here is another recent record taken in HK:
Sho IB - 55'7 Overtaking Taro's previous 55'8.

He also took Tsu ob wet if you look after reyherk's hacked time.

I think it's also worth noting that RPM.S took 2nd place on akina uphill this same day:

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And... We're back to Akagi! Aug. 31
Ho.69 does it again!

No one really saw the Iro Reverse record he took (

But the Akagi DH record, highly fought over near the release of ID4, is one hard record to beat!
And Ho.69 pulls through and does it, putting the record back to HK.

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EK9, Taken to the Top of Happo IB by Japan! Aug. 30

Surpassing CKF's WR is in itself a huge feat, but in an EK9?

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The Battle Continues! SWK #1 Akagi Again Jul. 15
DUT on #kishu spotted this new record from SWK just now!

However, it is rumored that CKF has a '104 waiting so we'll have to see how long this record lasts O_O

Additional news!
RPM has beaten CKF's old record too! Pushing him to #3 for now...

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Tomo, razorsuKe: Journal of the CENTURY Jul. 9
It's here.

The event that has been in planning since 2005 took quite a few twists but it's happening.

Tomo will be in Calgary on the 11th and we're going all out for records on IDv3.
I got down and dirty in my arcade and cleaned the damn dirt and grime out of the pedals to make them stop randomly ungassing and records will be set!

So far I've pushed 19'7 akagi dh and Tomo found a perfect condition cab in philly and did 18'5 happo ob.
We'll be in Calgary playing what we can for 3-5 days. The arcade here will close down July 26th so this is seriously going all out.

After that, we'll be in Vancouver for a bit, seeing what's up and then our grand destination, Hong Kong!
Right now I don't know how much ID we'll get in, probably just going for a meet and greet, maybe test out D4 for a bit but it will suck cause we're really into D3. Might travel around a bit to other locations.

All updates will be here! The shit is happening NOW~~

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