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Initial D Arcade Stage

Inital D 4.1 Dec. 21
Rumors from Japanese sources say that a new version of the driver is on test for a AOU'08 launch. The game includes two new courses and new cards. Will try and get more detail before the end of the year.

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Sega ID4 National Tournament (HK stage) Oct. 22
Official ID4 tournament organised by Sega will start this week in Hong Kong.
Registration starts tomorrow (Wed evening 8pm at Mong Kok) and will be split into 8 preliminary rounds.

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The prelims will be held every weekend (Sat/Sun) at different Gamezone venues around HK and each prelim will have a maximum of 16 entrants. The best 2 in each prelim round will progress into the finals.

10/28 ~ 11/18 3:00pm start

(Prelim 1) 10/28 (Sun) SMART GAME - Mong Kok (Qualified: Taromisaki + MAN)
(Prelim 2) 11/03 (Sat) GAME ZONE - Tsuen Wan (Qualified: Black Dog + KIT)
(Prelim 3) 11/04 (Sun) FUN WORLD - Shatin (Qualified: CKF + WCKit)
(Prelim 4) 11/10 (Sat) GAME ZONE - Yau Ma Tei (Qualified: Bigger + 文俊祥)
(Prelim 5) 11/11 (Sun) FUN ZONE - Kwai Fong (Qualified: 謝拉特 + Odie)
(Prelim 6) 11/17 (Sat) GAME ZONE - Mong Kok (Qualified: 零號 + TOM)
(Prelim 7) 11/18 (Sun) FUN@APM - Kwun Tong (Qualified: 追風 + 波仔)

Entrance Price:HK$30

HK Finals

11/25 MEGABOX GAMEZONE - Kowloon Bay
11am Prelim 8 + Selection Process (Qualified: Wing + 華)
3pm The Finals :

Last 16

Odie vs Taromisaki - Myogi DH
Black Dog vs 波仔 - Irohazaka DH
Bigger vs CKF - Tsukuba OB
Wing vs 追風 - Akina DH
文俊祥 vs 華 - Akina DH
KIT vs TOM - Irohazaka DH
MAN vs WCKit - Akina DH
謝拉特 vs 零號 - Myogi DH


Odie vs Black Dog - Irohazaka DH
CKF vs Wing - Myogi DH
KIT vs 華 - Akina DH
零號 vs MAN - Irohazaka DH


Odie vs CKF - Akagi DH
MAN vs KIT - Akina DH


CKF vs MAN - Akina DH

Winner : CKF


* Maximum of 16 entrants per preliminary round
* Singles only and uses in-store battle - one round elimination
* All battles are with Boost On
* No limit on how many IC cards are used and all cars are freely changeable
* Toss of coin to decide: Winner decides either course or left/right starting position. The other person gets the other choice.
* Courses are limited to Myogi DH, Akagi DH, Akina DH, Iro DH and Tsu OB
* Straw picking decides the course. There are 7 straws in total each with the aforementioned 5 courses including two wild straws.
* All courses are run in the dry. Whoever gets to choose the course also decides on Day/Night
* The top 2 will progress into the finals and will not be able to enter for the remainder of the prelims
* Losers can re-enter again in later prelim rounds and there are no limits to how many times you can enter.


Return ticket to Tokyo, Japan including 3 night Hotel + Trophy
Initial D4 Sega National Tournament Entry into the last 16 「史上最速傳說5」
Mystery Sega gift prize *2 (Selection of 3 Full Tuned Japanese cards and Initial D4 model car)

1st Runner up:Initial D4 model car

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