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Initial D Arcade Stage

Watch our mouths.... Oct. 31
Only last weekend at McDonalds, the team was discussing what was the safest PzO WR and we all agreed it's Akina DH... then that evening Lord Racing posted a 0.005 difference.

Last night at McDonalds, we were laughing at that discussion and then did another discussion saying that the safest one has to be Tsuchisaka OB by YUET@.....

Now we feel pretty dumb with PIKA taking the WR knocking YUET@ off #1 -_-

The team will ban all "safest WR" discussions from now on.

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Lord Racing back... A.. K...I...N...A 0.005 Oct. 29

I wonder how he felt when he passed the finish line with a 71x flashing on the screen? "Did I beat it? will it give me the magical maximum -0.032"?


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Irohazaka DH WET WR Oct. 27
After Gosu and Daiki took the top spot, CKF dashed to the arcade as soon as he finished work and set a 2'59" with the Evo IV.

Taro ran 3'00"1 to take 2nd spot but the real battle is with the Evo V.

It is very intense as Daiki is still competing with the E5 for the model record.

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Akina UH World Record re-written Oct. 11
CKF just shaved his GC8V time from a 3'02"972 down to a 3'02"575

GC8V 3'02"575

Just give me 30 seconds to post it XD

Comments (17) | add Odie 7:46am

The Tension Builds.... Sep. 28
Following the major event of Reyherk's Birthday, the world record akina downhill snow record has been reposted. Link. Always the IR Drama King, CKF has stated "The Final Battle".

Challenging the cross border tensions, the title of Iro #1 has been questioned as teams from Taiwan and Japan are nearing the 54 mark. Link. Will it happen? Who will take it first?

Comments (20) | add razorsuKe 9:35am

Initial D Star Player Birthday!! Sep. 25
Happy Birthday to one of ID's most famous players. The special guy turns a big one six today. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, life at 16 is great.
Everyone rejoice and help welcome reyherks to life at sixteen years old!!

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Tsuchisaka Inbound Evo V Sep. 9
Just as I finished work one Saturday afternoon, i decide to go for a short afternoon tea break and somehow fell asleep in a fast food shop.

The phone rang and woke me up at around 8pm. One missed call later, I decide to turn up at goldstar and show my face -_-

Taro looked at me and then said "diu.... I just broke the Tsu record on the machine with a 36"x" ... I was pissed off cos I brought with me 4 completely charged battery packs and 2GB worth of blank memory space for recordings -_-

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BREAKING NEWS This Instant! Sep. 3
North America's ONLY record has just been struck down by the man himself, CKF.
Shall we see retaliation? We'll have to wait and see.

*Note: I just this second got the information straight from text message so the IR is obviously not posted yet but when it is, it will be here:

Comments (41) | add razorsuKe 3:02am

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