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Initial D Arcade Stage
Teams > Asia Pacific

Team Project D-Philippines
Newcomer team of IDAS4 from the Philippines...
Hi I'm Nitsua, and I need some members for my first ever IDAS4 team in the Philippines.

Team Project D started out with one member (which is me, myself and only I). I was interested in recruiting old and newfound members from several other teams, like Team Garou. Unfortunately I have no way to contact them, as I haven't received any replies sadly. Now its the year 2017, and I'm looking for someone who's interested to join, since I only started April last year. I need...
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Nitsua2210 | View Thread (3) | Last Post: Jul 7, 2017

Team Garou [PH]
The Clan of Fangs
user posted image

Garou Shogun:

Wolf - Honda S2000/ AE86 Trueno / Mazda RX7 FC3S / Nissan Skyline GTR32 / Nissan Skyline GTR34 / Honda Civic EG6 / Subaru Impreza GC8V / Toyota MR2 G-Limited / Suzuki Cappucino / AE85 Levin "Hachi-Go" / Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR / [Mitsubishi Galant GTi - Real life Transport]

Garou Samurai:

Gecko - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR /...
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DamienWolf | View Thread (271) | Last Post: Jun 6, 2017

Team Drift Dynamics
aka team @DD
heyya guys! this team is a really really small team though.. and maybe not well known cause there are not enough players in the team and only xyeohts and i myself are active only.. and xyeohts might quit.. so it's gonna kinda lonely here in the team.. was wondering if anyone might wanna join?? it would be great if you were in penang or anywhere near to penang that is not too far?
shenny93 | View Thread (280) | Last Post: Jun 8, 2014

Team Vocaloid
For Initial D Arcade Stage enthusiasts out there!!
Okay now...since i didn't post this here it goes....

We're from a team, majorly to KL players...
Team Vocaloid consists of 10 MYS players and 5 SGP players..

as most players in my team are currently inactive....interested members are allowed to join this team...

Playing grounds....differs from time to time...1U,TS,MV,Wangsa Walk...
Shana-chan | View Thread (5) | Last Post: May 21, 2014

Team Zero Shinka
Join Us !!
Hi, we are the team from Msia - Kedah - Sungai Petani ...

Team Name : Zero Shinka

Current Members :

Name on Card : Tiger
Driver : Edward / Tiger
Car :
GC8V 7-1-0-0-0
AE86T 7-7-7-7-7
Cappucino 7-7-7-7-7

Name on Card :Tears
Driver : Shawn Wong
Car : RX-8 7-7-7-7-7

Name on Card : Tino
Driver : Hao Sheng
Car : Ae86T

Name on Card : Venus
Driver : B
Car : S2000...
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TigerZai | View Thread (51) | Last Post: Mar 2, 2012

PROJECT.D Philippines
Arcade Racing Team in Philippines
Hey D-Mates!

I'm Vince Fujiwara (not my real name) i'm the leader of the PROJECT.D Philippines, a arcade racing team here in the philippines. We started playing Initial D Arcade Stage 3 now we're playing Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA.

vincefuji | View Thread (1) | Last Post: Jan 11, 2012

Team Project.D [SG]
Remake In Progress
Hi guys and girls.

I think for ID players in Singapore, you all would have heard of DRT.

And then we merged and developed into Project D with Team Xtreme, Team Midnight and more players.

Then thereafter we stopped playing in V3. So now I would like to remake the former Project D and hopefully get some great players to join.

For now the remake is still in progress and may or may not be successful.

So ya, fyi I'm Vodka. Great to see you guys again. Since...
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Vodka | View Thread (144) | Last Post: Dec 27, 2011

Team Tomodachi
This is the team from Malaysia that combine real car and inital D...
But this team tomodachi is only for inital D
Hope every expert player will join Team Tomodachi!!
And i have make it internationally...
Now still searching for member...if who want to join this team can post to the team thread....

Leader:Jason Goh(Semi-Active)

Co-Leader : Jeffrey

M'sia Member:BillyGoh(me)(founder)(M'sia Leader)(2nd leader)[
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billygoh | View Thread (1416) | Last Post: Dec 19, 2011

Project Light Racing Team
Project Light is an international Initial D Games Racing team founded by members in South East Asia. It's basically an alliance of drivers who want to become the best they can be in-game before the game completely dies out.

More details (roster, cards, times, requirements for applications) will be posted at a later date.

Since we are just starting out we are currently accepting applications. Please inquire at our Team thread in the IDW forums. Thanks, see you there!
icedagger | View Thread (744) | Last Post: Sep 10, 2011

founder: slicked22
cars:s2k, mr2,ae86(2x),evoIV,ek9


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slicked22 | View Thread (70) | Last Post: Jul 19, 2011

Soul Dragon
[Melbourne Australia]

Team Leader: Kon




Emp^ | View Thread (80) | Last Post: Jul 18, 2011

Izumi Racing Team
Izumi Racing Team

Hello boys and girls,
Welcome to IRT's thread, don't be shy and feel free to ask any questions you wish
Our Team is focused more on Battles/Races rather than Time Attack ...

We wish you all have a great time here

We can have exceptions

Be BL11 at least and have a winning percentage (%) of at least 60.0%

Leader/Founder: HNGRY
Co-Leader/Founder: Jezza

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hngrY | View Thread (1148) | Last Post: Jul 18, 2011

Team @D4 SnS [MY]
Team @D4 SnS is a group of friends playing Initial D together in Malaysia.

user posted image
Team Banner, credits to Larmo.

SnS stands for Spicy Noodle Specialist btw No, we don't deliver spicy noodles to your house

[But one of our members make noodles from his factory, so please support him ]

Members of the group are :

Leader @ The Big Boss : Jimmy...
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Phoenix_Cypher_K1 | View Thread (90) | Last Post: Jan 2, 2011

Team East Penang and South Kedah Alliance
Aka Team GT
Hi too all who base on Seberang Jaya @ Sunway Carnival or from Kulim who play IDAS5 I'm greeting you to join as a member of team GT.... To whom is interested please PM me, for now the team is at it infant, the team is consist of 4 ppl including me aka PINGU, JAI, Y88 and ANGH69.
tkrd48 | View Thread (32) | Last Post: Aug 21, 2010

Touge Riders
Introducing the team
G'day all,
our team is known as the Touge Riders. We are based in Albury, NSW. We are using Version 3 (AUSSIE VERSION) and these are our list of drivers:

ASH: Subaru Impreza WRX STi Ver.5 (GC8V)
KYLE: Toyota MR-S S Edition (ZZW30)
MATTO: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III (CE9A)

Our only regulation is that you cannot choose the vehicle the leader has (car, colour, transmission, mods etc.) except if you already have the vehicle b4 the leader becomes that...
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touge_rider | View Thread (4) | Last Post: Jul 18, 2010

Estoque by Espada Promotions, Inc.
Incorporated since August 25, 2009.

Our Racing Department plays the following arcade games:
Initial D, Midnight Maximum Tune 3/DX, Need for Speed Carbon Arcade Edition

Normally we are a busy bunch. We play because Racing is in our blood. From time to time we would love to participate in Team Battles, but of course only when the time allows and most importantly, when the deal is right. Please just PM (Private Message) me when we need to talk.

Thank you and have a...
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Twizted | View Thread (530) | Last Post: Jun 11, 2010

team revolution
were new here!
user posted image

Kelvin - SW20 / GC8

Mayone - AP1 / FC3S
Nashee - AP1 / AE86T

Rodz - FC3S / GDBF
Aian/Enola_ - AE86T / FD3S / BNR32
L - CT9A / EK9 / FC3S / AE86T / SW20
Ken - AE86T / RPS13 / GC8 / AP1
Raiden - FD3S / AE86L
Zero - AE86T/FD3S/AP1

Ryuuji - SE3P / AE86T

Currently Inactive:
Misha - EK9
Ten> -...
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Z_E_R_O | View Thread (54) | Last Post: Jun 11, 2010

[Name still to be decided]
Team Name: we're stilldeciding ..
Team Country : Sydney , Australia
Team Site :
Team Members :

- Rayzr
- ICE!!

Team Home Arcade Location : Burwood , George Street Market City


This team is for kids to join us and learn what its like to drift in the mountains when your young you'll experience it for real .
There are no requirements . Just be a kid and be normal !
Razor | View Thread (38) | Last Post: Apr 13, 2010

Team Speed Of Sound
Just a regular Initial D Version3 team from Malaysia!!!
We now currently have 7 members in our team and doing well..
Actually we are not that good..

Here are the list of our team members:-

1. Muhd Danial a.k.a DANNY
- Team leader
- Honda Integra Type R DC2

2. Francis Kellis a.k.a SHIT!
- Team co-leader
- NIssan Skyline R32

3. S'deqomar a.k.a DIKE
-Nissan Skyline 25GT turbo

4. Idzdinie a.k.a AMEN
- Honda Civic EK9

5. Ariff a.k.a ARHE
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speedofsound08 | View Thread (6) | Last Post: Mar 15, 2010

Midnight V. is a specialized Initial D Racing team. Primarily based in Sunny Southern Queensland, AUS, our primary focus is to expand and create a name for ourselves.” We Have A Main Focus Throughout The team Which is “That We Will Never Back Down From Any Kind Of Challenge”. However, There is also an unwritten rule within out team “Originality”. In This case most of us race using the most diverse cars such as the GDB, RX-8, S-15, AP1, 8V, 86 & CN9A.

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Damn!! | View Thread (27) | Last Post: Dec 28, 2009

Project LC (PG-based team)
Discussion of all things LC
Project LC was formed with one purpose and one only - to dominate Penang's ID Version 5 TA records completely.

Bearing that in mind, I am pleased to announce that as of July 17th, we have achieved that goal with the exception of Lake Akina because we have yet to decide whether to play this map or not.

Maybe we will leave this one map alone for everyone else to play.

Project LC is:

LYUST | HELLB | *BBB* | PIMPS! | *J*J* (special guest) | FS~HL...
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*BBB* | View Thread (27) | Last Post: Sep 12, 2009

Team Fusion
Team Fusion IDAS 4 from Singapore. About 1 month old. Hangouts in whitesands, JEC and AMK funland. Challenges are gladly welcomed.

Area: Singapore
Current strength:15

- SLY AKA Sylvester (Leader)
- Lucas AKA Lucas
- AhMok AKA Nick
- -Echi- AKA Alex
- Bionyx AKA JiaHao
- *____* AKA Alan
- Squall112 AKA Joel
- GreenApples AKA Josh
- SOL. AKA LianBing
- Gyokou AKA Dominic
- Delick AKA Delick
- Fredy AKA Yong...
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Sly | View Thread (28) | Last Post: Aug 10, 2009

Project Panda
Philippines based team
an Initial D Arcade Stage team based in Manila, Philippines.. started out since version 2(2005) and still here to conquer the version 5 of the game.. We mostly play just for fun to relieve our stress in our busy lives but sometimes we do some battles and team battles. We always keep the spirit of comradeship which I think is the key why our team is still up and running for 5 years..

Project Panda are:
JEX - Jexander
JYAN - Jyan Louie
RED - Favio
MAAN - Mary Ann
JABU -...
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son | View Thread (0) | Last Post: May 13, 2009

Project S.M.T. TOP A.T. IN S'Pore(I think)
Er... we are a team of some bunch of kids who trying to beat M.T. with A.T.

Well we have a limited no. of member sadly...

Any friendly matches?

You are welcome to use our guide here:
helltank | View Thread (16) | Last Post: Mar 18, 2009

Godspeed Crew
user posted image


The Mob:
OWZ? [Consigliere]
SLOWMO [Sotto Capo]
CHASE [Uomini D'onore]
MATT_ [Uomini D'onore]


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icedagger | View Thread (55) | Last Post: Jan 30, 2009

toxic | View Thread (226) | Last Post: Jan 27, 2009

Project SD
Shadow Drivers
This is Team Project SD from Philippines, we are playing at SM Mall of Asia. As of now, our skills in driving is in average level but we don't need new members. The goal of our team is to race with the other team. It just for fun even we win or lose.

user posted image


Carlo - Skilled Downhiil Racer (Former Irohazaka Downhill Specialist in Ver. 3).

Driving Skill Level:...
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Project SD | View Thread (62) | Last Post: Jan 22, 2009

Team D.R.I.F.T. (PH)
Good day to everyone... We are Team D.R.I.F.T. (Driving Recklessly Is Furious Too) currently situated in the Philippines, SM Sucat in Parañaque. I think it would be nice to have our team updated around the world...

Main Lineup:

Olic - KYLA [SW20/CN9A] - Tsuchisaka/Irohazaka Specialist <-- this is me btw
Yong - RISA [SE3P] - Shomaru Specialist
Daryl - (WRC) [GDB] - Snow Specialist
Earl - T5MAC [CE9A] - Akagi Specialist
Jaycee - SNAKE [EK9] - Happogahara...
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brina&kyla | View Thread (39) | Last Post: Jan 9, 2009

Drift Kids Plus - DK+
user posted image

hello. we are a team from the philippines called Project.DK+, located normally at SM Fairview and/or SM Manila / SM San Lasaro

i have decided to make a team thread here in the world forums so that we can be updated from other teams outside metro manila, most especially from the other provinces of luzon

team lineup:

LEADER: mark - ANGEL - gdb, bnr34, evo4, ek9 - snow...
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dkg | View Thread (27) | Last Post: Jan 5, 2009

Stage Four Racing
hello we are S4R formerly known as TeamStageThreeDK+ from the philippines.
now upgraded to ID4.

S 4 R Lineup

CHI/FINIX - the mind behind Team Stage Three and Stage Four Racing

Angel Cahiles - Team leader [ANGEL] bnr34 gdbf s2000 (ANGEL from idv3)

Gav Quintos- co-leader [DEATH] evo9 rps13kai ea11r (DKG from idv3)

Active Members:

Sai Yazon


Jopan Prieto
Dale Santiago
Ralph David

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dkg | View Thread (8) | Last Post: Jan 3, 2009

Team TJZ57 on the go!!!
Team TJZ57 Webpage

this is my team webpage, origin from Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia

consider this team is international, cause there's a member from Sdyney joined my team, and i've been to Sdyney to battle
GUEST1985 | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Dec 9, 2008

Red Suns Team Malaysia
This is my secondary team after Project.D ASM. This group is open to everyone who plays Initial D Arcade Stage 4 in Malaysia only. Feel free to join.
takumifujiwara13954 | View Thread (226) | Last Post: Nov 25, 2008

Burnin' Spirits
The Spirits Burn As Our Spirits Blaze
user posted image
*We Are Cool And Hot Like The Frozen Sun*
We Are The Burnin' Spirits.Our Team Is Based In Subang Jaya,Malaysia.
The Burnin' Spirits Is made up of me,Pei Qi,The Founder Of Burnin' Spirits,NEW CAPTAIN:TABLO,
Followed by Leong Wei Seng The Co-Captain,then,Ng Jun Kang,Isaac Goh,Thin Jason,Eric,[T]Su Ann,Kar Men,[T]Jay Mie,[T]Mei...
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PeiQi-05- | View Thread (205) | Last Post: Nov 18, 2008

user posted image



* Team Leader: SAINT

* Team Founder: SWORD

* Team Trainer: SPHINX


* SKYE * SPADE ...
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Slingshots | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Nov 18, 2008

P-SPEED From Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello, we are from indonesia.......
Rmith | View Thread (32) | Last Post: Aug 15, 2008

Team Project w+
This is a group for the people who like to playing initial d.the people who can learn and win are welcome to be this group's members.This is a beginer team from kulim.

W+ =Win Win and win.
Team Leader:Jason
First Car:mitsubishi lancer Evo 7(MT)
second car:toyota Trueno-GT apex(MT)
third car:Honda Civic EK-9(AT)

first Car:Mitsubishi lancer Evo 3(MT)
Second Car:Subaru Impreza type-R(MT)
jasontch198911 | View Thread (196) | Last Post: Jul 23, 2008

Team Dousage

The term dousage came up when good ol' hngry decided to call a certain honda and the spoon accessories made for it a sausage and a donut.

If you're confused, a donut has a hole in the middle. A sausage is most likely able to pass through that hole (most sausages anyway). This seen, it means that it's perfect for a sausage to go through a donut like a passageway. The two particular items, in short, are made for each other. Hence the term...
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shadow_z3r0 | View Thread (219) | Last Post: Jun 23, 2008

Team Noyzee Tribe
Hello, fellow Initial D Racers around the world. We are Team Noyzee Tribe. We're a team from the Philippines, specifically, from Makati City. The team is founded by Gino Cobarrubias and is Facilitated by Jay jay Cuyas. So far, we're a 3-man team, who are also associated with other initial D racers.

We are racers of the Initial D Arcade ver. 4, currently. But, we have been through version 2 and 3 already. The team's cars and names were based from a comic book made by...
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Myogi's 34 | View Thread (36) | Last Post: May 10, 2008

hi guys. i guess we're back.

one of the reasons i'm posting here is because i hate backstabbers. if you have anything to say about or against us, post it here.

another is to confirm project tofu's status. (as seen above)

i hope this time people challenge us when we are at our peak. not after 2 years. ID really sucks without competition. looking forward to playing with you guys. ...
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randytofu | View Thread (59) | Last Post: Apr 29, 2008

StiM is not a group yet as it's remain still a single person player which i formed in Ipoh, Malaysia. It's determine as a new ally for drivers who want to compete and accumulate winning streaks.

Since i just starting out, i'm currently accepting new members. Please inquire at my Team thread in the IDW forums.

Leader: Rez1
the Whacky

my cars:

1 - EVO IV
colour : white
lvl 2 with fully upgrade

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REZ1 | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Mar 16, 2008

this team is no longer active
just thought ill update :]
ghosts.of.iro | View Thread (235) | Last Post: Mar 7, 2008

Team Xtreme
This is my new team and also my 1st team in IDAS4.
This team is from Malaysia and we have make it into International team.
This team is only for IDAS4.

Leader : Laurence aka StormRaider (X-SAN)

members : Jeffrey (X-JEFF)
Billygoh (X-HUNG)
Hikaru (X-H*E*)
Lim W.X (X-LIMZ)
InitialDRulz (X-IDR-)
Bryan (X- B )
Ben aka W7F@!

If anyone wanna join...
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billygoh | View Thread (95) | Last Post: Feb 20, 2008

Project D2+
Project D1 and Project w+ =Project D2+

Team leader:*Takumi* fully customize 86 TRUENO(MT)Lvl 15
first member:YANA INTEGRA TYPE R(MT)Lvl 21
Sec member:Aki (Wataru) (Wataru) AE86 LEVIN(MT)Lvl 1
Third member:YUGI@ INTEGRA TYPE R(MT)Lvl31

Sec Leader:JasonLvl11
First Car:mitsubishi lancer Evo 7(MT)
Second car:toyota Trueno-GT apex(MT)
Third car:Honda Civic...
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*TAK* | View Thread (125) | Last Post: Jan 25, 2008

Project.D Arcade Stage Malaysia
Name: Project.D Arcade Stage Malaysia

Team Leader/Strategist:-
1)Ryousuke Takahashi (That's me)

1)Takumi Fujiwara (My cousin brother Kyle (Kyouichi))-Downhill specialist
2)Keisuke Takahashi (My best friend Desmond)-Uphill specialist

1)Ryousuke Takahashi-Mazda RX-7 Efini GT-X FC3S
2)Takumi Fujiwara-Toyota Trueno GT-Apex AE86
3)Keisuke Takahashi-Mazda RX-7 Type R FD3S

Card Name:-
1)Ryousuke Takahashi-JAY
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takumifujiwara13954 | View Thread (209) | Last Post: Jan 10, 2008

Team ID Philippines
Team Initial D Philippines

Team Leader

TE - Terrence

Founding Members

HENIE - kelvin (inactive)

IVAN1 - ivan


VIPER - richard

AURCK - aurick

WOLF - Tim/Damien

FxxKU - Jason

"Good day we are the Philippine team. We aim to be the number 1 team in the Philippines and compete internationally. We are accepting applicants with high...
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DamienWolf | View Thread (555) | Last Post: Dec 2, 2007

Hmm... Well... this is the new team me and my best friend, Erwin, had thought of forming for now... Drift Pack... Hmm... A little of a Wolf pack to me but oh well... Looking for some friendly battles with you guys... Hope to have fun...
junetrish024 | View Thread (30) | Last Post: Nov 18, 2007

Team Blazing Ice
From the heat of day, to the freezing snow, we trudge the road to be one of the elite. Team Blazing Ice is composed of individuals specializing in a specific mode of any driving simulation game.

Streets burn while we run in style!
prismadiluce | View Thread (94) | Last Post: Nov 2, 2007

Intense AONO
Hi my name is Corey from Hobart... Age 16

I have made a new team for Tasmania finally I am based at Intencity (Arcade above the Village Cinemas) in Hobart and I am looking for locals to join my new team. I sort of have members now but not verified...

I am a current ID Ver.3 player... and have played for about 2 years since Intencity has had ID ver.2. Over the time of playing ID i have used many cars... I have about 15 cards, but the main ones i have used are MR2 battle lvl 12,...
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nightreflex | View Thread (99) | Last Post: Sep 30, 2007

Project D
Hey dudes! we're a new team. not so bad not so good in arcade stage
what you think>?

toyota AE86 lvl 45
mazda rx7 fd3s type R lvl 42
subaru impreza type R lvl 50
nissan SKYLINE gtr r34 lvl 33

anyone can pls reply. thanks
moksyb | View Thread (67) | Last Post: Sep 18, 2007

Team Wolf
Hey guys, im just starting a team, gunna call it team wolf (i thought it sounded alright)

Anyways, yeh, im looking for members for my krew, anyone who lives in the Melb area, like Box hill or sunshine, that play IDAS 4..

Iv started a thread in the arcade stage 4 area of this forum but i thought id just post it here too so i might recruit more people in my area..

If u wanna join, tell us ur idas4 name, car(s), any relevant times (akina and akagi are good), area and anything...
[+] Continued...
FknAzN | View Thread (6) | Last Post: Aug 9, 2007

Introductions first, eh?

FPJLI = Fun, Peace, Joy, Laughter International.

Yep, as the name would suggest, this is a fun team. I'm not going to emphasize on timings, skills, techniques, whatever that makes one corner Akina's First Hairpin at 140 and while others do it at 041 km/h. Rather, I look at the following:

1) Positive Mentality
2) Correct Attitude

And that's it. Nothing much to this, my preference is to keep things short and simple....
[+] Continued...
LancE.Ryousuke | View Thread (61) | Last Post: Jul 15, 2007

This is a new team that i have started, im not very good yet myself, but i have pretti good teammates. I still need to persuade some people to join, this team will be made of part amateurs, learning from an indivisual pro. I will limit this team to four racers.

Name:Akina Blue moons
Based in: Australia Melbourne
Usually races in: Glen and knox
Max members: 4

Leader: Jason
Car: Black-Lancer evolution IV (evo4)
Name on Card: -JT-
Notes: I just started but i have...
[+] Continued...
-Jt- | View Thread (107) | Last Post: Jul 13, 2007

Team Leader:BRYAN
Main Car:Trueno AE86
Secondary Car:RX-7 FC
Website:Under Contruction

1st Teammate:JODEN

2nd Teammate:FEI
Main Car:Lancer Evo 4

Any Enquire Just Logon To Our Website or Call Our Team Leader!!!
Bryanlum91 | View Thread (85) | Last Post: Apr 20, 2007

The Chasers
Based in: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Specialty : Akagi, Akina, Irohazaka, Happogara, Shomaru, Tsuchisaka

For the player who have the ability to chase the car (within Malaysia).

Name: Ikki
Specialty: Everywhere (Dry/Wet) (Day/Night)

Main Car: Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) [MT]
Card Name: IKKI
Racer Battle Level:...
[+] Continued...
ikki | View Thread (150) | Last Post: Apr 12, 2007

members of Bluemoons, Midnight club blue, Ghost of Iro
gather into our little forum of Project M. members:

Leader: i tink!
Jerome/Jezza* the bluemonster
car: EVO IV
colour : blue
lvl 27(HOLY CRAP*!) this dude plays a lot

Chris Chu
car: Honda S2000
colour: i have no idea
Automatic driver ^^

Me: -Jt-
cars: Evo IV C-TUNE(black) the black emperor* 180sx C- TUNE The black Demon*
Super noob!

Rx-7: Matt Laui
[+] Continued...
-Jt- | View Thread (161) | Last Post: Apr 7, 2007

Midnight Club Blue
Join Here If You Have A Passion For Racing At Night....On The Streets Of Melbourne.

Team Name: Midnight Club Blue
Team Country: Melbourne, Australia
Specialty: Irohazaka + Akina

Leader: David
Specialty Car: Toyota MR2 SW20

Team Member: Tony
Specialty Car: Mazda RX-7 FC3S

Team Member: Chu
Specialty Car: Honda S2000

Team Member: Jezza
Specialty Car: Mitsubishi Evo IV

Team Member: Paul
Specialty Car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S

We Are...
[+] Continued...
Initial-Drifting | View Thread (155) | Last Post: Apr 7, 2007

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