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an older team just never made official. we are sidewinder orginally from calgary alberta now in edmonton alberta. we mostly play idav3 untill we can get our hands on either 7AA or 8 or zero.

we are still playing idav3 tho now with next to none for machines in ab we are emulating it but always open to a challenge.

i will post some more details and re do this thread a bit once we get everything together.
Kazumie_leaf | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Oct 11, 2017

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HAI this is AznDrift come race us and of course we will beat you nub. LOL . JKS we don't know yet so come race us...]

youtube preview:]


We play version 3 Initial D

Team Members:
[+] Continued...
firewing32 | View Thread (5) | Last Post: Dec 7, 2008

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Originating from Calgary, Canada, kishu started with an expansionist image in mind. kishu has kept its name around by offering information and services such as #kishu, an IRC channel serving ID videos to the public.
razorsuKe | View Thread (20) | Last Post: Nov 21, 2008

Team Revolutionary Drifters
*Is aware of the other topic in this section*

A member of the team said that the leader and the other members were inactive, and he decided to pick up the team and continued it rather than just leaving it inactive. With a new group of racers, this team is now back in action. Our team site is
djnocturnal | View Thread (13) | Last Post: May 27, 2008

Team 4ACES
Team 4ACES is formed by 4 members from montreal, QC. We were know as Team N.T.M, but the team broke up in 2004 and went solo. After a few month, I wanted to bring back the team but only 3 came back. And ya we do accept battle just send us an e-mail by visiting our website.
NGUP | View Thread (27) | Last Post: May 30, 2007

A team which started in Calgary, Mugen is an Initial D Arcade Team that believes in uniting and creating friends who share a common interest in Initial D and racing games in general. With the communication of our members, collaborating and assisting eachother we strive to push driving game techniques to the limit.
Kaizoku23 | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Nov 6, 2006

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