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Project Inazuma

Project Inazuma: The team i started for the whole world to join because i thought it would be cool for everyone to compete and chat about initiald in somewhere other than america. What we do, we compete online with times from the official initial d time trial website, if members are local then we race them at the arcade. so if you want to join email, pm, or leave a post with your car, levels, and times. Thanks a bunch

P.S. This is also...
[+] Continued...
TOFUDRIFTER | View Thread (71) | Last Post: Jul 1, 2019

Raging Engines
Im informing that our team "Raging Engines" is officially disbanded and inactive due to lack of time money and players, thanks to the few people who supported us and joined our Portuguese team.

With my greetings


For contact:
Snake24rulez | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Jul 20, 2007

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