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Team Naomi
Hi guys, I am looking to form a team in NorCal. Anybody is welcome to join, so pm away! Once we get enough people, I will find a meeting spot(Golfland is the only place that has id machines) that works for everybody and we can start! I already know a lot of the regulars in my local golfland in sunnyvale so I could most likely get them to join too. They are mostly between level 50-90 and have all completed everything in story mode.
carphreak | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Jun 20, 2015

Project Inertia
Figured I'd make a topic for us, even though it might not get used much.

Project Inertia is an ternational team of immense proportions, quite possibly the LARGEST team world-wide (in member count) We have very high standards for the members on out team, and each have gone through rigorous achievements to become part of the team. Originally based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, we have expanded globally, and have members in Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia.


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Pasta | View Thread (149) | Last Post: Sep 17, 2014

Any teams in Florida?
Wondering if there are any I'm Florida
nythwk | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Aug 25, 2014

Project Kessoku
Project Kessoku was a team that derived from the original D3 Team in Long Island New York. But after a while people of D3 stopped playing and it had dwindled down to 3 members left in our area. At that time we opened up the Team to include new member, and we are continuing to recruit new members now. I would give a list of all the current members but I dont remember all of them lol. Maybe they could post here or maybe Jun remembers. Funny me being the Project Kessoku Founder I have no clue how...
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FD3SIzDaBest | View Thread (911) | Last Post: May 15, 2014

San Francisco Team?
I want to either form a SF bay area team or join one
ANY INITIAL D TEAMS IN SAN FRANCISCO? If your a team leader here in SF, My number is (415) 359-4550. WEST COAST BABY!
Ryosuke415 | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Jan 22, 2014

Tokui East Coast
Tokui East Coast was a team based soley in our area, with a common goal in mind. To represent the East to the best of our ability. Straying away from battle levels, auras, and the norm is the motto of this team. Though small in numbers, we are still running strong. We don't feel the need to have a million team members, rather the members we have are all committed to doing their best by using our own specialties as our strength to create a strong all around presence within the ID community....
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Tomo | View Thread (552) | Last Post: Sep 5, 2013

Any Teams in WA State?
Just out of curiosity
I'm wondering if there are any teams local to the Pac NW? If so I feel like I could be a worthwhile member. New to the forums. My current car is for DH runs. About a 2/3 tuned 86 trueno with the 11k engine but I've been keeping the other folks who play the machine honest about their time attack records in the rain since 1/2 tune lolz With my car getting faster I'm starting to take to the dry runs now as well. I have another card with a fully tuned R32 for the uphill which is not...
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D2NED | View Thread (4) | Last Post: Mar 25, 2013

Team idlers
Southern California
2013 is the year for IDASv3 revival!!!

I started playing again, and I have a few goals I want to get accomplished before I call it quits. Anyone is welcome to join, I will update the OP with people's times and such.
Silfa | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Mar 18, 2013

Team Reiatsu
Team members: WHAT?, JJ, Shinn, Bart, Marcus, Fox, Odintu, HKS

were mostly a team or a group since we all know each other pretty well and such and we all our own specialty,

WHAT?: PSP speciality, all arounder ID player
JJ: Usui CCW white boi god of line for the US
Shinn: the Akina master of all cars
Bart: akina snow WR holder and the randomness of other courses
Marcus: akina dh for newbs ^^ and manager of the team:
Fox: S14k Specialist
Odintu: initial D special...
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what? | View Thread (138) | Last Post: Nov 18, 2012

Team GoGo.205
Note from Sickness: I stole this from the GoGo thread but it hasnt been updated for almost a year so if Poon or someone in GoGo wants to update the roster or whatever gimme a PM on AIM or something. BTW WE ARE COMMING BACK FOR V4 MWAHAHAHA!

Team GO-GO-205 has always been a collection of underdog cars. Started from V2, where the DC2 ruled, a band of Celica players joined together to take out the menace. People who proved themselves were recruited into the team. Joined into the ranks...
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Sickness | View Thread (304) | Last Post: Sep 9, 2012

Any Teams Recruiting?
I know probably nobody is gonna respond but what the heck, why not. are there any teams in the bay area recruiting new members? i know i am not well known, nor am i or will i claim to be great at id6(or any id for that matter) but i am looking to join a team where my teammates would be not only teammates but good friends as well who aim to not only improve but have a good time as well. dont really know of many bay area teams except for team amaya and team reiatsu but hope maybe the second one...
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AXEL* | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Feb 2, 2012

team phish taco
you know i mean buisness.
team phish taco is made up of people who love the game,and can drift with no regreats. we are highly skilled in the cars we drive on and off the gaming console.we take challanges and never look back.we fallow the racers way and guidance. when another is in trouble ya get up and fight back even if its not your own team member.

the current member's
leader: damien the lizard
specialtys: drifting,speed,handling.
weakness: natural hunger and needing to drink some suger when...
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damien the lizard | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Sep 15, 2011

Team Ayama
Team Ayama Members

Matt aka VIRUS ( Leader )

Josh aka The Mac

Alex aka Eneos

Danny aka Nofon

This was made back when Version 4 came out. VIRUS and Kupo were the Irohazaka top USA Time Attackers. Akira was the best all around. Akira best time Tsukuba OB 2'45. Then after the year the game came out well went our separate ways. Now that VIRUS is back. I decided to bring the team back with new players. Hope that we can get more players involved.
-VIRUS- | View Thread (16) | Last Post: Dec 13, 2010

Project Imitation
Well for those who Know on the last forum IDX my username was TSAB but there is some problem with the site so i made a new one .Anyways i heard form some people that ID4 will be coming back in like a couple of weeks and i thought about if i can improve and be more skilled then before so i wanted to start opening a team. this is open to noobs and advance drivers . here's a pictures back in...
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URBAN | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Dec 4, 2010

Type R Kids
Hey whats up, we are the Type R Kids and we race in Ontario CA at Gameworks. We just started our team about two weeks ago. We are willing to race anyone just hit us up, you can email me at or however you can reach us. Our only rule is that whomever we race, they pick the course and conditions. We race Hillclimb or Downhill, doesnt matter. We arnt beginners so dont think little of us. Lets just have a good time.

So far our team is made of Two: Elias(Integra Type...
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Type R Kids | View Thread (3) | Last Post: Sep 12, 2010

The Night Kids
Night Kids Is A Small Team That Is The Best Of The Best In Hemet,Moreno Vallley and Riverside. We Do What We Can To Win With No Rules And Do What We Can With Low Tear Cars. Some Of Us Night Kids Are Also A Part Of A Much Bigger Team Most Of You Know As GoGo.205. Me And My Team, When We Started On GoGo We Where Not As Good As We Are Now. But Thanx To Them We Can Hold Our Own And Become One Of The Best Teams.

For People That Want To Join Post On Our Page, The Best Times You Can Do With...
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*.*WOLF*.* | View Thread (297) | Last Post: Aug 18, 2010

Huntsville Speed Stars
We're a small team based in Huntsville AL.

Scott ( a.k.a Dusty ) - Skyline GT-R Specialist & Co-Leader...

Mike ( a.k.a. Kitty ) - 85 Levin Kai Specialist & Co-Leader...

Lots of top 10 records at our local Arcade. Accepting applications for membership both in Huntsville and South east Region for both Time Attacks and Battles. Photographic proof of Battles won and URL's for Records set will be needed.

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Scott. | View Thread (127) | Last Post: Jun 12, 2010

Hey everyone This team Is looking for members who play intinal D in the nyc area. We currently play in china town located in mott street in the china town fair we go there every friday to play with people or newcomers there are not that many teams in the nyc area. So if you want to be apart of it let me know we will make a website soon. hopefully

Members in Total. Is 4 and growing we have a section in queens mall and ofcourse in manhatten. queens V3 and manhatten V4
deathstrike | View Thread (8) | Last Post: Jun 8, 2010

Team OHBuntos
PM or reply if u wanna join. Team plays in Plaza Bonita/San Diego National City =D
I'm in Chula Vista.


Josh: Ginji

Cars: Celica GT4, Evo IV, RX-7 Spirit

VeeJay: Azn

Cars: RX-7
Ginji | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Apr 7, 2010

We (Project V3LOCITY X) are a national team who are getting started and whose goal is to get great initial d players all together on one team. I am currently constructing a team website at, I am not finished constucting it but when I am I will list the link in this post.To join this team there are some basic requirements though.
1)Must have beaten LOTS mode...or have cleared at least 3/4 of the total courses.
2)Must have a racer level of 4 minimun..and...
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CLL_DK:01 | View Thread (64) | Last Post: Mar 2, 2010

Team Saki
We Team Saki are just a group of Initial D Arcade Stage 3 players who started in Version 3. We all live in St.Paul in White Bear Lake. We are currently accepting applications for joining our team (Pretty unlikely to get anyone to join ).
Update: 8:36PM January 20th 2007
Two of our team members have quit. Mikey and Baggio have quit our team it now is only me,Steven, and Hunter left on our team.

Update:June 5th 2007
Please you guys we need recruits! Only one actual good...
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InitialDJin | View Thread (15) | Last Post: Feb 3, 2010

Team Yukio
Team Yukio is a team of just some friends who made this for fun, nothing serious, cuhz we all suck haha.

"YUKIO" in japanese means getting what one wants and the nourishment of god.

so far its just us 5 friends in the team.

Car: GDB
Secondary Car: GC8V

Car: SXE-10
Secondary Car: S13

Car: CN9A
Secondary Car: GDB

Car: CE9A
Secondary Car: GC8V

Car: GC8V
Secondary Car: CE9A

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CYBERZONE | View Thread (11) | Last Post: Feb 3, 2010

Team 369
team 369 is located in san antonio texas. we are currently taking applacations from everywhere. if you wish to join team 369 plz post. and for most of you all that are wondering how did we come up with 369 is how may years the first 3 members of 369 are born apart. u can find dk369 on youtube. just look up videos with ingram park mall in them. and u should find him. so.... if there is anybody that would like to post a race agaisnt the team or would like to join just post. thank you and have a...
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dk369 | View Thread (43) | Last Post: Nov 9, 2009

Team R3
Phoenix Team
We are currently 5 members strong. Our location is west Phoenix and most often play at Castles N' Coasters off I-17 and Dunlap (also Golfland if necessary).

Zion (AE86)
ECKS (S2000)
D:< (180sx)
*RLA* (Various**)

Any challengers come out. We are just a local team who like competition. Come out and challenge us. Reply to the post if interested in any battles or any...
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whipwhop | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Aug 25, 2009

Arizona Teams (Check In)
Arizona Teams
I am interested in knowing more about teams specifically in Arizona. I've heard rumors that there are teams that head up to Mesa to race at Golfland and was wanted to know more about these teams.

Project Ghost, I've read your thread but your site is down.

How many other Arizona teams are there?
whipwhop | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Mar 31, 2009

Blue Speeding Foxes
So far, I'm a solo racer. I'm going to try to form a team.

I'm in San Diego, CA.

If you want to join me, find me on the weekends at the following locations:

Plaza bonita mall, Tilt.
Boomers!, racing section.
Mission/Fasion valley mall (idk), Tilt.

Card Details:

name: RINIC
car: Subuaru Impreza Ver. VI (GC8)
racer lvl: *

If you are live in San Diego, and need a team, find me, I'm ALWAYS on the IDASV3 machine.

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Rinic the Fox | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Mar 19, 2009

Team Turbo
just started
Just look for people to hang out with and maybe join a few turnies... all is welcome... if you wanna talk about this team or join PM me or im almost always on AIM carnage5410



1st car
RX-7 Spirit Full tuned

2nd car
Skyline GT-R (R34) Full tuned

3rd car
RX-8 Full tuned
KarmaKiller | View Thread (1) | Last Post: Jan 12, 2009

Team......(In Creation)
Hi I live in Diamond Bar near Chino Hills or City of Industry...

I am creating a team of age 13-15(around that)...

------------------Tino Or----------------(Me)
Like AWD cars (R34 V-spec II Nur)
Drive any version (can't find V1)
Join (if any people)
>Name* *Requird
>About you*
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TinoisOnit | View Thread (1) | Last Post: Jan 7, 2009

Team Plus Size
new team for big people
For too long have people with weight issues been made fun of, and denied the right to join an initial D team, we are a legitimate team that is dedicated to our game, and we reach out to anyone who has been denied the right to join a team because of their size! we really do feel you pain, all of us understand you are just as good and can join a team just like everyone else! so join us and show the world that you can race just as good as the skinny people out there!
TPSmartini | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Jan 7, 2009

Alright guys, announcing the creation of team MIXED NUTS! Based out of san diego, california, we aim to have fun in all kinds of motorsports and videogames. Yes, the name means that we have all kinds of people.

Sign up if you're interested. Lookin' forward to rolling out with you guys.
twitchykun | View Thread (9) | Last Post: Jan 4, 2009

Team Drift Away (TDA)
Team Drift Away (TDA) Profile
Team Drift Away was created but it was never official, until now. The current members are Vtec (Leader), <3Tif (Co-Leader), B.Bird (Racer), Ace (Racer). We play at Chinatown Fair (CF) in Chinatown, New York. Our goal is to become number 1 in the international region. But we need to first to become the best in our region (USA East). We are continuing to recruit new members. We will first start off from cities, to states, to countries, and then to global. I'll also post down the bios for...
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EVER 4 EVO | View Thread (42) | Last Post: Oct 17, 2008

Team Omega
This is lil Chue from Team Omega and still representing. I play over at the Como Flea Market in MN, St. Paul, if you want a pretty good challenge come find me there. I am a all around player. I have a lvl 1 engine Trueno, not beaten on akina yet, a EK9 with lvl suspension only, and my last car... come by and find out. But yea for now, I am the only known omega playing left. There are also very good players over where I play at too so look out for them also. !!!Especially the...
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evo_omega | View Thread (57) | Last Post: Sep 22, 2008

Team Amaya
And the winner of MMT is....VIRUS!
Leaders of Team Amaya

(1) KUPO - Main Car: MR2 G-Limited [SW20] - Team Leader
(2) MIMURA - Main Car: SAVANNA RX-7 ∞III [FC3S] - Team Co-Leader

Recruiters for Team Amaya

(1) DUNNY - Main Car: ????? - 1st Team Recruiter
(2) VIRUS - Main Car: MR2 G-Limited [SW20] - 2nd Team Recruiter

Members of Team Amaya

USA West - Northern California

(2) GENE - Main Car: INTEGRA TYPE R...
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Dunny | View Thread (157) | Last Post: May 4, 2008

team misfits
olympia wa
were in olympia and we have currently 5 members... im leader with the 180 sx, jason is second with a sileighty, sheldon is third with mr-s, Kyle (Kyouichi) is fourth with a bnr 32, and dumb matt is fifth with ae86, how we decided our ranking is through a lot of races againts each other.. so our list is ever changing, this is for the arcade ver 3, we dont have a ver 4 card yet cause we just learned of where we can play it at . . yeah thats our team if your in oly and ya wanna play and ill see...
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murdochyuga | View Thread (3) | Last Post: Mar 18, 2008

team KR
Wins/1 Draw/0 Loses/0
cars:evo3,rx7 spirit,impreza[gc8v]

cars:RX7 sprit,rx7 fc3s


we conquered all of the courses of course!
teamKR | View Thread (9) | Last Post: Mar 10, 2008

Team Pinks
okay..we just started about a month ago...this is how we play..we win..we take your car..we take ours..members go as is..
Andizzzy-co leader-FD3S
Keen-co leader-FC3S

trudrft | View Thread (16) | Last Post: Feb 7, 2008

Trueno Force
An international team having members from singapore to philippines and back here the U.S. We are mainly in Southern California. Trueno Force is a team that utilizes the Trueno in all aspects of Initial D. Though, each player has their specialties like Chris [RacrX] in Akina, Christina in Akagi, and etc. We currently are recruiting with one rule. THE TRUENO HAS TO BE YOUR MAIN CAR. Anywayz, on our website you can find member info,history, downloads, etc. If you would like to join, you can find...
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xTruenoForcex | View Thread (152) | Last Post: Feb 6, 2008

Team Kenshin
A new side project I'll be working on. Under construction.
-PHIL- | View Thread (20) | Last Post: Feb 1, 2008

Team Falcon
Small Team. Only 2 people since we just started it today.

Let me tell you some info about us.

Location: Orange County, CA



------Yuki Hayes------
Car: RX7, FD3S
Favorite Map: Akagi Downhill
Least Favorite: Myogi and Usui (Boring)
Racer Level: 16
Battle Level: 11

------Thinh Nguyen------
Car: Integra, DC2
Favorite Map: Irohazaka Downhill
Least Favorite: Myogi and Usui...
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RX7xFD3S | View Thread (5) | Last Post: Jan 6, 2008

Red Dragon Racers
We're eight Asian people that started off as six whom are all from the Alhambra High School Cross Country And Track & Field. We use a wide variety of cars, but as for me, I'm in a slump and currently using AE86 to improve myself but use a Sileighty to train with my teammates.

Profile Link:
Red Dragon Racers Leader | View Thread (16) | Last Post: Nov 17, 2007

Team Revelation
Team Revelation "TR"
Team Location: USA, California
San jose & Milpitas


Charlie "Ryu" Vuong (Leader)
Card Name: TR.DW
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII
Option: Option B
Color: Blue
(Two Star Story Mode)
Racer Level: 11
Battle Level: 12
Bunta Challenge:4|2|1|0|0|6|0|0|0|0
Can Contact me...
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Destinedwolf | View Thread (12) | Last Post: Oct 25, 2007

Team Nightmoon
Its too late to turn back
We are Team Nightmoon.

We drive and race the night.

Challenge us?

Lets race.
trippster | View Thread (2) | Last Post: Sep 16, 2007

Team BPM
Looking for members
My name is chris i am leader of Team BPM all i have to say on behaf of the team is we are not out to be the best all we are looking for is to have a good time so if you play initial d and are in the NEPA (North East Pennsylvania) area hit us up at our myspace

If you are looking to join just tell us the name on the card(s) that you use and battle level so on.
lagbot3000 | View Thread (4) | Last Post: Sep 13, 2007

this team was made by two mambers kris and julian aka ghost dog but we currently have 4 members in this team, our team is in california we so far are not known but we are goin to go up soon with time we will be known. recent cars in the group is for now a mazda 3 soon there will be a firebird added to the team and other cars as well.
KrisGBR4life | View Thread (6) | Last Post: Aug 22, 2007

Ace Project
Ace Project is an Initial D racing team. Primarily based in the northeast United States, our main goal is to expand and conquer. Ace Project's racers have many techniques,and use all kinds of cars. From the beginning, we envisioned a team of specialists - each member of the team has a best course, and each performs well under certain conditions. Thus, when the team is fully assembled, there will be drivers for nearly any situation.
Excel | View Thread (113) | Last Post: Aug 17, 2007

Team Slide By: East Coast
Hey, I'm want to start a team called Team Slide By, TSB for short if you will. I want each member to improve thier Time Attacks as well as skill in battles and courses they may be having trouble on. I'm looking for unique racers of any skill level (Its our goal to improve your skills) who are located on the East Coast to join this team. If you would like to join just replay in this thread with you Initial-D card name (Driver), car type, area cleared, racer level, battle level,...
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-ALEX- | View Thread (11) | Last Post: Aug 7, 2007


I started this team once I had started to get bored of the game itself. There are only 2 members at the time but I have many new members that are to join soon in the arcade. Somehow starting this clan led me to find out how much more there still was to Initial D. Like TST, Eraser,5 in-4 out. It happened when I challenged my friend's RX-7 with my AE86 Trueno(my main card: Battle Lvl:11, Racer lvl:13). We were on Akina and...
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CLL_DK:01 | View Thread (52) | Last Post: Aug 7, 2007

Team Kenmei
This is Team Kenmei. It was created in June 2006, we are international, we accept all new members. currently things came up with Larmo, and weird things happened.

we have members around the world in, indonesia, usa, malayisa, austraila, and philippines.

currently we have ?? members
not sure on how many members at this time
Larmo | View Thread (1228) | Last Post: Jun 8, 2007

Project Down Hill Drifters (DHD)
We are a new team from Portland Oregon. We only have a couple of people, but hope to add more people.

Tony (Co-leader)
Name: Tonyy
Mazda FD3S RX-7, Green, Option B
Cleared Akagi, Irohazaka
No Time Attack
40 Wins, 46 Losses
Bunta Level 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Battle Level 11
Racer Level 6
Points 200,000
Race at Lloyd Center Tilt, Eastport Century 16

Jordan (Leader)
Name: Drift
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3, Red, Option A
Cleared: Usui, Akagi,...
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King_Of_Drift | View Thread (10) | Last Post: Jun 1, 2007

Team MR yama-denrei
This is my new team formally known as mountain runners are located at westwood arcades im recuiting too there's no really any requirments just aslong you have experience.

people in so far


cars:blue subaru(second) blue mr2(main car)dark blue r34

based in:los angeles, CA

card name:EDWIN

racer level:7

areas cleared:myogi,usui.akagi,akina,iro,akina...
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midnightevo6 | View Thread (86) | Last Post: May 31, 2007

7 Star Shuriken
Name: Daniel "Ryuko Yoshihara" Hill
IDASV3 Location: Moreno Valley: Brunswick Bowling Alley/Moreno Valley Mall: Tilt
(7SS Leader)

Car: Mazda FD3S Spirit R/Red/Option B
Racer Level: 8
Battle Level: 5

Name:Paul "Fable" Vander
IDASV3 Location: Puente Hills Mall: Tilt
(7SS Co-Leader)

Car: Mitsubish...
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Team S1 | View Thread (59) | Last Post: May 30, 2007

Team Keiko (Northern California)
Team Keiko started out as a project team lead by VIRUS and his 2 friends Ryan and Jonathan that helped him to beat the other teams that were in Sacramento. Jonathan started to do bad things like stealing other peoples cards and fish people on Happo. Plus the team was really boring with just the 3 of us. We all went our own way. Ryan is a sells men now. Jonathan we really have no clue what he's doing, and Matt is a professional golfer.

Hiro and I (VIRUS) decided to bring the team...
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-VIRUS- | View Thread (13) | Last Post: May 13, 2007

Night Fears
im puttin a team together in reno nv i need more guys or girls who can race. my current team members are:

Team leader: drock
race level: 10
Battle level:8

#1 racer: richm
subaru sti
Race level: 10
Battle level:9

we are hoping for new members we meet at the peppermill email me at you do have to have much skill. no reqirements
Teamrunners | View Thread (4) | Last Post: Apr 22, 2007

Project R
We are a 2 man team in california who made there debut yester we have beaten a team call the fc squad in mount akina and need replies to see when arcade stage four comes to find out who will be on our future roster so far we have 1 downhill 1 uphill and we have 4 people who wanna join
Ryu Fujiwara | View Thread (13) | Last Post: Mar 18, 2007

Project Ghost International
We are from fourms;num=1134513551

Welcome. Project Ghost was orginated in Mesa Arizona and now is International. If you want to join post your main car, battle level, Location, Racer Level && Times. (does not have to be in that specific order).

These are some of our Current racers

Nissan Skyline R34 BL 14
Ghost Car: Evo 4 BL 14

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Dream. | View Thread (15) | Last Post: Mar 11, 2007

Project Aura

My name is Serph. I am starting this team because I feel its time the south east has a team. Also there are a number of people with auras in the area (about 13 or so) and seeing as Im the highest leveled out of the group I figured I would make a team.

I will finish this later today, right now I have to go to work. But if you live in Georgia, you should come to Macon and give us a shot. Were better that you may think.

RX-7 Spirit (full tune, 1.9 mil...
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Serph | View Thread (0) | Last Post: Mar 11, 2007

Team <ONI>
team "<"ONI">" from bville, applevally, lakeville, blaine...were coming back
teamONItrueno | View Thread (48) | Last Post: Mar 5, 2007

AnthoNy CAo
level 5
toyota trueno gt-apex
subaru wrx sti
mistibishi lancer evo 4

level 17
mazda rx-7

CharLie DuonG
level 3
toyota TruenO Gt-Apex
Mistibishi Lancer eVo 7
suBaru wrX stI

Jon PhaM
level 3
Mistibishi evos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

level 1
car unknown

level 1
car unkown
team_oblivion | View Thread (3) | Last Post: Feb 28, 2007

WE ARE TEAM D.T.A and consist of 3 members righ now

battle level 17
racer level 15

battle level 16
racer level 14

Battle level 16
racer level 13

battle level 3
racer level 2

subaru wrx
battle level 11
racer level 8

Battle level 9
Racer level 5

if u would like to join the team u can contact Titus on aim screen name is liltazz206...
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liltazz206 | View Thread (3) | Last Post: Feb 15, 2007

Mazda Knights
Just starting this team. Right now only me, trying to get my friend in it. Located in MN. Not out to be the fastest, but finding new people to race against. I guess the only requirement is that you need to drive a Mazda car. I'm extending this to other racing games such as WMMT3.
Name: EX-D
RX-7 Type R, FT (Main Car)
Racer Level: 10, Battle Level: 15
Akina: 3:06
Akina Snow: 3:32

Name: bunta jr._390
car:rx7 fds3 type-R...
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5-GeaR_LoveR | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Feb 15, 2007

Organization D
Organization D has been split up and no longer exist but the creator of the team is joining into a new team name will be posted later on.
GODARMS2000 | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Feb 14, 2007

We're a small team starting up at the moment consisting of two members. We aren't here to prove we're the best, we simply here to have fun racing against people on the same level. We ignore the "social groups" that try and force people away from the because for us, its about having fun.

Ours cars are mostly an Evo3, Levin 86, Civic and Rx-7. But we do mess around with the stock models as well.
Ehko | View Thread (6) | Last Post: Feb 7, 2007

Project JDMR**ken_ricen
me and my friend made the team and were startin to improve. i got like all the best initial d players from columbia south carolina playin and were tryin to get a tournament set up so we can see the rest of the people that are good in sc. i got me and three other friends on the team. i changed the thing about drivin white cars because i currently and a beast with the gc8v and the only color it comes in is grey so instead of wjdmr its just jdmr. we have two awd people, 1 ff, and one mr....
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theawdking | View Thread (11) | Last Post: Jan 25, 2007

Project Division
This team was founded in Burbank, California. Our team consists of 6 members and we arecurrnetly recruting from all over the world. We mainly play version 2 because thats the closest machine to us and on occasion we play version 3Our team was created on Janurary 15, 2007 when we were talking about initial d the anime and we thought up of making a team for the arcade stage. we actually went through with it and here we are. lol. if u want to join, visit our team page and see how.
The Joe is extreme | View Thread (4) | Last Post: Jan 25, 2007

Team Mokushi
Team based out of Salinas California, on the road to becoming the best in its region of Monterey/Salinas. Highly skilled in all courses. Each player with their own specialities. Always willing to help new players.

Keep an Eye on this space for Video's, We have A Camcorder!!! HOORAY!!! Filming will begin soon. Edits to follow shortly therafter.


Reverse: REJEC - 3'10'317

Akina Snow:
Uphill: RAVEN -...
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Smikey | View Thread (21) | Last Post: Jan 24, 2007

Team Perfecture

We are currently a team from concord California of 9 we are now recruiting INTERNATIONALLY though so if you would like to join post your times,racer and battle level and your best course or PM them to me.Are link is >>TEAM PERFECTURE HOME PAGE

Name: Harley
battle level: 31
Racer level:27

Name: Patrick
card name:Erick
battle level:14
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Harley | View Thread (23) | Last Post: Jan 7, 2007

Project Hairpin Domination
Yo. A simi-new team formed, that's us. We consist of a wide range of cars, and can do all cources.
And we are based in San Jose, and go to Golfland often, about once every month.
Dhill | View Thread (25) | Last Post: Dec 22, 2006

Team Capsule
Team Capsule is a new Initial D Ver. 3 team based in Southern California. We're looking to become more well known in the community as well as try to get some battles going. Anyone interested in battling, or if you just wanna check out our cars or times, go to See you on the downhill!
TeamCapsule | View Thread (7) | Last Post: Dec 20, 2006

Team Kuro

This is Team Kuro, for about three days known as Team D.
I'm Shia, the Co-Owner of the team and I just finished establishing the main web site and its forums in the past few hours. Our team leader is Takumi Takahashia, otherwise known as Taku.

Our main team originated in Illinois... yesterday... but it's now open to the public. If you wish to join, all you have to do is ask for now. Give your info and we'll add you promptly.

Well, not much else to be...
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Shia | View Thread (159) | Last Post: Dec 14, 2006

i just made a new team called team APEX. theres only just 3 members so far in my team. we got a RX-7/option B, EK9/option C, and my other friend has to get a car still, but i think he is planning on getting a wrx type r version V. does anyone have nay advice in maing this team better...
typeR_teg | View Thread (10) | Last Post: Dec 1, 2006

Team D
We are the best team in evasnton and probably in the world. Well of sourse u know we are talking about the game initial D arcade 3. if u think that u can beat are team u can try. All my team members live in evanston. And all of are members have two cars. Im the leader of Team D. I will guest give u a hint of what my two cars are. They are both Evo's. We play initial D arcade 3 at nickel city and Gameworks, Which are both in Illinois. nickel city is in Northbrook, and Gameworks is in...
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Takumi Takahashi | View Thread (83) | Last Post: Nov 24, 2006

Team Unknown
i just started a new team based out of greensboro, nc. so far we have 7 members and at least one of us is always racing so if anyone is around we love to race where at fourseasons mall off of high point rd and have 2 machines set up to race...
touch86 | View Thread (12) | Last Post: Nov 10, 2006

Team CID
Team CID
RL- 21
Bunta level- 10,13,8,5,11,8,13,13
Win percentage 82%
Fav. Track Tsuhi
Car #2
Name CID=$
Bunta Level-15,15,13,11,14,13,15,15
Win Percentage 100%
Fav. Track Shomaru
Cid6905 | View Thread (15) | Last Post: Oct 18, 2006

{Project Tsukuyomi}
My team consist of eight members now and are currently recruiting new members internationally, so anyone who wants to join tell me your best times on all couarses, BL and RL and to see that you have at least beaten Bunta twice on every course and then I 'LL see what I can do.
Team Forum-{ECL}International
Team Members already.
Position on team:
Arcade they play at:
Where they are from:
Favorite 2 coarses:

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Titanium_Angel | View Thread (205) | Last Post: Oct 7, 2006

Project Neo Force
Project Neo Force
The team webpage is but the team and members that are or are almost done with the game will be taking battle requests and we need new members but the leader is unable to race and i finish most courses and get more parts for my car and more points and the team was established on July/12/06

Name:Noel Canales
Known Alias(es):Con2
Position:Team Leader
Courses Finished:Myogi
Main Car:Mazda RX-7 Type R[FD3S]
Secondary Car:None...
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fc0792 | View Thread (44) | Last Post: Oct 6, 2006

Project Weiss 277
Project Weiss 277 is a Central New York-based team founded on the principle than even novice players can band together to enjoy the game. Created after a trip to Las Vegas (where Initial D machines are plentiful), two friends decided to form a team to further their experience concerning the game.

Team Leader : Kaiamira (Mira on all cards)
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III

Member: Zomaru (Kitty on all cards)
Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Nissan Skyline GT-R...
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Kaiamira | View Thread (11) | Last Post: Aug 22, 2006

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