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Initial D Arcade Stage
Chat and Download on IRC

Basic Chat (JavaScript)

For a quick java chat, follow this link:
and click #kishu on the dejatoons network.

Advanced Chat

If you are familiar with IRC, then you can skip this part and check out the server information on the right panel -->
For starters:
IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. You can connect onto a server and start chatting in minutes.
To chat you will need an IRC client, we recommend: mIRC
Download and install that program then in the main server window type:


Once you are connected the channel you want to join is #kishu, type:

/join #kishu

Thats it!

Downloading Videos

Visual Tutorial (43.3 mb)
Special thanks to our sexy New Zealand Voice Actor: Horrigan

Files can be shared over IRC. #kishu hosts the most initial D videos on the net and its all free ^_^
You will need to turn off DCC Ignore in the options menu (Alt+O) and make sure it stays off (unclick turn back on in 15 minutes)
If you are behind a router or a firewall, please refer to for more details, otherwise:
First type:
and see the servers listed. Choose a Trigger and copy and paste that (to copy on mIRC just highlight the line and let go, it automatically copies)
Once in a server you can view the list of commands by typing:
but basically it operates like a DOS prompt.
Type dir to list the contents of a folder, type cd foldername to change folders, type cd .. to move up a folder.
To get a file type get filename

For a little bit more info visit:

For a more detailed guide:

Server Information

Port: 6667 - 6669
Channel: #kishu

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