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Initial D Arcade Stage

I originally intended to type all this craap out but then I was browsing through GameFAQs and realized that my idea had already been completed! So thanks goes out to:
  • Grayeewolf
  • Odie
  • Pl2odigaL
  • Eskimo Fob For their original work and thread, this is basically a copy and paste and a little editing of their work (some terms omitted for non-BS GF facts)



    5 In 4 Out
    See Advanced section for more detail. Braking in 5th gear and accelerating at exit with 4th gear.


    The corner of a turn, the tip of the corner.
    ex: /\ - the top would be called the apex

    Apex Grind
    Gently rub/graze the inside of the apex without actually raping it. For example, V3 Cappuccino on Myogi ... turn so that the Capp is facing the apex with the front (no not the side) gently grinding the centre of the turn (turn off the BGM and listen) and lose 1km to exit 207 V2 Irohazaka first jump with DC2.... front grazing the apex as the DC2 pivots around, jumping with the innermost line.


    Basic Tune
    Your beginning tune course that includes body kit parts, stickers, mufflers, wheels, spoilers, etc. as well as internal engine upgrades. This completes at 120,000 points.

    Battle Aura
    A flame-like effect over your car seen during the beginning player vs player battle screen. Aura is first shown at Battle Level 11 with a small blue flame and gradually increases size and changes color from there.

    Battle Level
    Achieved from battle racing. the more you win, the higher your battle level.

    Blind attack
    Shutting your headlights off during racing. Not only does that make it harder for your opponent to see you ahead or behind him/her in the rearview mirror, but it also turns off the 'Advantage' number, so your opponent won't know how far ahead/behind you are.

    A racing techinque (which some consider skill, others consider it cheap) where you prevent your opponent from getting ahead of you by staying directly in front of him or ramming him towards a wall.

    In-game battle option that keeps cars in close proximity with each other. This is done by CPU assistance, where the forerunner's handling is effected and the chaser's speed is increased.

    1) refer to ramming
    2) refer to wall riding/raping
    3) any instance where your car touches a wall, losing speed in the process.

    A common term used by most ID players when you're on a straightaway while racing Bunta and are ahead by a certain amount of meters. Bunta starts speeding up and catches you in mere seconds.


    The awkward left turn *when going counter clockwise* on Usui that starts out as a small left, then a hard left.

    Car teleport
    When your opponent cuts in front of you by going through you.

    Card inspection
    After 50 visits to the arcade machine, your card goes through card inspection and your existing data will be transferred to a brand new card. With card inspection, you are able to change transmissions (AT to MT and vice versa) as well as your tune parts course
    V1 and V2: outer parts change, internal upgrades don't
    V3: all parts change

    Card Jam/Card read error
    When the machine's card reader experiences an error while reading/writing data on your card. This can prove fatal as you can lose all your game data (especially if the card jam happens after you've completed your game OR during card inspection).

    Card transfer
    Taking your old ID card from an older version of Arcade Stage and bringing it into the new game. With a card transfer, you keep your tune points, current tune course and remaining plays before card inspection (say you transferred your data with 15 plays left on your old card, the game will give you an addition 50 plays as if it was a new car, giving you 65 plays in total). Battle records/levels and time attack times are not kept. After card inspection, you will play through the game with your car in the stock configuration and you will earn 1 tune part every game until you reach the tune you were at when you transferred.

    Cold start
    Beginning a race by depressing the accelerator after the countdown.

    Self explanatory referring to the cones of Tsuchizaka.

    Usually refers to the consecutive turns on a specific course *akagi, akina, happo*.

    The action of steering in the opposite direction to straighten out your car while cornering.


    See Advanced section for more detail.
    An advanced shifting technique where you quickly shift down then right back up (a quick flick of the shifter). In combination with the feint drift, it helps induce more oversteer than just the feint drift alone.

    Engine stall
    Any time your speed seems to linger or build up slowly due to poor shifting (or, in some cases, a poor accelerator pedal or broken brake pedal on the ID machine).


    Feint drift/feint motion
    A driving technique added to the 'out-in-out' technique that helps you gain a better cornering angle in a sharp corner (refer to technique thread).

    Feint eraser drift 5-in 4-out cornering technique
    The ultimate technique for taking corners the fastest way possible. This technique combines all of the advanced cornering techniques to create this relatively new concept. Once all of these techniques have been separately mastered, it is possible to put them together in this sequence when tackling a hairpin curve to gain faster speeds. If done perfectly, your cornering speeds should be 2 to 3 clicks of the spedometer faster than usual

    Fireworks straight
    Refers to the long straight section after the 4 hairpins at the beginning of Akina's 4th section. The name comes from the fact that if you are behind once you reach this section, you've lost as there's pretty much no other place to overtake unless your opponent makes a HUGE mistake.

    Fish battle
    Continuous back and forth 'fishing' between two people where the loser WILL rechallenge the winner as fast as possible to their home course.

    1) the art of racing someone and beating them knowing that they never had a chance to begin with.
    2) challenging a n00b (or someone obviously unskilled) and beating them for tune points.
    3) taking someone directly to your home course (or a course that you know the person is not good on).
    4) getting back at someone you lost to by challenging them to a course you're good on.

    Force quit
    - a selectable option in where you are allowed to quit in the middle of a single player game by pressing the 'Start' button and 'View Change' button at the same time. This will immediately bring the timer to 0 and your race is finished on the spot. You gain 1000 points when you force quit in 'Legend of the Streets' mode or 'Time Attack' mode. In 'The Bunta challenge', you'll lose points as if you lost to Bunta.

    Full Tune
    Term used for when your car has completed the tuning process (attaining 990,000 tune points). Once a car reaches 900K, it is deemed 'complete' as there are no more internal upgrades to gain afterwards.


    Grand Curve
    The single big turn on Myogi.

    Grip racing
    Associated mainly with the 4WD and FF drivetrains, it's a style of driving that incorporates the use of stable cornering and fast acceleration at a corner's exit

    Guttering/gutter run
    specifically for Akina, it's utilizing the gutters on the sides of the road in some curves to your advantage. It's done by dropping your inner front tires into the gutters, which in turn will guide your car through a corner at high speeds.


    Happy cornering
    A term used when you rape the apex of a turn. Invented by ODIE.

    Half tune
    A term referring to a car that has about 500,000 points on it (about half of full tune, which is at 990,000 points).

    Head start
    When you let your opponent get going before you begin your run. This usually happens if:
    - the driver is confident that he can still catch up to you
    - the driver knows his car/skill is superior to his oppenents
    - the driver just wants to challenge him/herself

    Hot start
    Beginning a race by holding down the accelerator during the countdown.

    Home course advantage
    Refer to 'course king/home course car'
    Term used for defining a car as the best car on a particular course


    Improper shifting
    Not shifting correctly, resulting in poor acceleration.

    - Refer to feint drift/feint motion
    - A little more advanced take on the same cornering concept which is starting your cornering from the inside, motioning outside coming up to the corner, and doing the same thing as the 'out-in-out'. This variation of the technique gives you a better driving line that the simpler 'out-in-out' technique.

    Short for "Internet Ranking" - User-run times posted on the internet to compare and display.


    Left foot braking
    A driving style where you use the left foot to brake and the right foot to accelerate.

    Any point during the game where your car fails to respond to any steering motions.


    Machine Gun Shifting (MGS)
    See Basic section for more detail.
    A term used for quick shifting

    Name given to the two consecutive right handers of Shoumaru OB in its 3rd section. Jokingly called the 'McDonald's drive thru' O

    See Basic section for more detail.
    A basic cornering technique where you take the outside of a turn, then upon entering the corner you hit the very inside of the turn (apex) and exit on the outside of the turn.

    Oil Spill
    Speaks for itself as it's the only one in the game. Refers to the oil slick in Tsuchizaka OB's 2nd section.

    After a turn when counter steering, you counter steer too much and car turns TOO MUCH usually resulting in a wall crash.


    Short for Prodigy'z Opus, a Hong Kong ID team that started in version 2 and has now grown to become the #1 ranked team in the world.

    A) To move your car into the opponents when he is on the side to most likely put him into the wall slowing him down.
    B) On the initial startup, with a slight distance advantage, the action of moving your car to the opponents side in order to squeeze in front.
    C) The art of sending the other car to the scrap yard if only it's real.

    Right Hand of Death (RHOD)
    Name given to the sharp right hander that leads you into the 3rd section of Akina DH. It's called the RHOD because not taking the corner well will result in an instant 1 or 2 seconds added to your total course time.

    Rocket Start
    In version 2, if the start interval was significantly lower than usual it would be a rocket start. Benefits of rocket start are that each turn is 1-3km faster and the car overall accels and reaches a higher speed faster.

    Rocket Seat
    Name given to a seat of an ID machine that doesn't lock properly, making it slide back and forth.

    Rollercoaster turns
    The consecutive turns right after the tunnel on Tsuchizaka OB.

    See Advanced for more detail.
    Erase twice, turn out erase back in.


    Usually after a turn then counter steering, you turn the wheel all the way and the car refuses to turn, usually resulting in crashing into the wall.

    Undertuned car
    Term used to refer to a car that has not completed its basic tune course (less than 120,000 points)


    V-turn (Akagi)
    - Name given to the extremely sharp right hander at the very beginning of the 3rd section of Akagi DH.

    V-turn (Tsuchizaka)
    Name given to the oddly placed curve near the end of the second section of Tsuchizaka OB.


    Wall riding/raping
    Term used for when a car is moving along/hitting the guardrails/walls/barriers, slowing it down in the process.

    Wheel Thrasher
    Someone who races a course with alot of hairpins(iro,akina) and slams the wheel to the right till a loud thud can be heard and does the same thing to the left, leading to drifting off to the right/left when letting go of the wheel.

    One of the original ID Teams started back in version 1. Their influence is still strong in the ID scene however they do not dominate like they once did back in the v2 days.

    Name given to the two consecutive right handers of Shoumaru OB in its 3rd section. Jokingly called the 'McDonald's drive thru'

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