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Initial D Arcade Stage

New Videos Sept. 25
NEW!! A visual tutorial of how to install and use mIRC to download videos has now been made!
Click on downloads to get it.
I've added my Iro DH Wet vid to the downloads section.
Ace Project has also updated their link, check teams for URL.

razorsuKe 1:11am

Fun n' Games Tournament Sept. 24
If you are around the Wayne, New Jersey area, head over to Fun n' Games October 22 for an ID Tournament.
Please help the management by submitting your name by October 17th to ensure the tournament is a go.
More details on the right column -->
razorsuKe 8:53pm

More News From Japan Sept. 21
Lord Racing No.5 & SSP has done it! Taken Akagi downhill record from former Hong Kong holder, YUET@, with an astonishing 2'19"757 in RX-8.
IR Link
A Few spots down that link will show another new time, again from Japan. A new record for the WRX GC8V 2'20"495!

In forum news, OMG JOBO IS BLACK???
razorsuKe 12:33am

Japan Update! Sept. 16
My heroes from Lord Racing and SSP are close to the Akagi down world record!
IR Link RX8 2'20'086 dum spring! Getting too close....
razorsuKe 4:55am

Website Updates Sept. 12
1 New link added in the bookmarks section.
Contact page now available.
razorsuKe 4:55am

Records from Japan Sept. 11
Lord Racing, my hero SSP has taken back 2 model records for akina up!
IR Link

Word has it that the man behind initial D arcade, noclan, is heading back to HK for a while.
Details are not known by me but lets wish him a safe trip ^_^
razorsuKe 4:14am

More Videos Sept. 9
2 Old videos are now listed in the downloads section. If you have not already seen them, these videos are from Japan, 2 of the first videos to ever be released for version 3. Both times are incredible considering they do not use any advanced techniques at all, just pure line and brake/throttle control. These are a must see if you havn't already downloaded.
razorsuKe 1:12am

All New News!! Sept. 8
Jobo is back in Toronto, I am back in Calgary and everything is hot!
First off, a few things happened on my birthday (sept.5) I released a bunch of records that I have been keeping hidden and #1 player in Japan from Lord Racing + SSP posts a 2'20'1 on akagi with RX8!
IR Link. This just slightly exceeds his 2'20'1 with S14Q.

[pK]serv on #kishu now features no queue lines, anyone can download anything they want at any time.
ID Team section has been updated with new teams.

Initial D Now to be featured on PSP!
News came in today about ID being made for the Playstation Portable.
IGN Link 1, IGN Link 2, Magic Box Link (w/ pics)

razorsuKe 2:02am

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