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Initial D Arcade Stage

Mass Updates Dec. 20
1) Tsuchi IB Taken by RX8
CKF's crazy left hand earns him the #1 spot on Tsuchisaka IB defeating Blue. The thing is, he beat the record using an rx8 instead of evo5!

2) USA Battle
The areas of US East and US Central are battling it out right now to see who can hold the better TA records on IR.
You can use MCI to keep track of who out ranks who or keep updated in the East vs Central Thread

3) Bart Visits Canada
Bart is staying in Vancouver until the 31st, if anyone wants to meet him, ask around, ask projeckt Fish, the wangan players or anybody. He'll most likely be hanging around eSpot, RPM, Richmond area until someone brings him to Metro and Station Sq.

4) Japan Overhauls
Japan claims several records, including my previous model records for iro :(
and some impressive happo times, claiming all directions and conditions.
As well as 18'4 happo OB with MR2

5) HK Records too!
With Japan fastly becoming the new hotness, HK still remains claiming several courses now such as sho IB.

6) Previously Unannounced Canadian Representation
North America securly claimed its dominance in Akina DH Snow when Thief from Toronto set a 19'8 on the downhill, claiming the #2 spot in the world. Along with his several snow model records, this one keeps the snow where it belongs.

7) Downloads Halted
Due to lack of performance in the forums, I have stopped all hosted videos for now. I don't know when they will be back up but please use #kishu as the primary means of obtaining your videos.
razorsuKe 9:43pm

The drama on Akagi continues as Japan takes back the downhill with an astonishing 2'19'3!
What will be Hong Kong's response?
IR Link
razorsuKe 7:30am

Death in Windblade Nov. 29
Two days ago (Nov.27 2005), Windblade member Oyaji, was involved in a car crash proving to be fatal. Oyaji, 25, was riding passenger in a WRX when it was split in two. The driver was also killed in the crash. initial D arcade offers their condolences for this tragic loss.
Hong Kong News Report Video Link

razorsuKe 6:26am

Nearing of the Ends Nov. 21
1) Akagi Fight Continues
Hong Kong has since declared defeat on Akagi up but will this statement hold water? We will soon see...
In the meantime, the battle for Akagi down has shifted once again in HK's favor as they claim it with a 2'19'4, beating Takura's slightly slower 2'19'4 run.
Akagi DH IR

2) MSM (samamu) Will Pull an ALEX@ Maneuver
We all said our fairwells to ALEX@ as he headed off to the Taiwanese National Army for mandatory 1.6 year training, well now it is ID master MSM's turn. Feel free to leave a farewell message using the event form on the right ---> and I will send it over to MSM for good luck. Thank you for your support! Hopefully MSM can record some more great runs before he heads out.

3) initial D arcade Recruitment
We are currently looking for web developers with fluent knowledge of PHP. There are a few ideas we would like to see integrated into the site, among that is the redevelopment of the Teams section.
There are big plans ahead so if you can offer your services, the ID community would be greatful, thank you!
Contact using form on right -->
or eMail IDadmins ( a t )

razorsuKe 9:40pm

Akagi Up Drama Nov. 7
Wow, that was a long week of no updates....
For those who haven't heard: The stuffing continues as Lord Racing again posted a new akagi uphill time minutes within PzO's posting of their time.

Recently, Takura has begun taking model records for akagi up as well, most recently being a stunning 2'24'9 with an FC.
Akagi Up IR Link

And as the midterm exam season draws to a close, expect some more updates to the site.
razorsuKe 4:15am

Mega News Update Oct. 24
Minutes after PzO's Taromisaki posted a brand new World Record for Akagi Uphill, Lord Racing's Takura posts his monster time moving in for again, another stuff.
Click to view IR drama Sources say Taro held the record for less than 10 minutes before Takura posted his record.

MCI Area Update
kishu MCI received a mega overhaul with 6 new areas added to the list.
East Asian countries as well as the UK can now be checked on MCI.
kishu MCI Link

New KISHU Member
Representing Malaysia for kishu is J]-[un, a name many might recognize. Holding several records for Malaysia, the members of kishu welcome their newest addition.
Member List link

razorsuKe 12:36am

Bookmarks Update Oct. 21
Updated bookmarks including new car ranking page provided by Prodigy'Z Opus.
razorsuKe 3:28am

Never has a stuff been this successful, Lord Racing posts their 2'19'6 Akagi DH right after PzO just took it back.
Indeed the only expression this author can give is STUFFED. IR Link
razorsuKe 4:40pm

Local and Japan News Oct. 19
Recently Japan has been on a streak, taking several records including now with Akagi uphill: IR Link and a revolutionary 2'24'9 for the Celica!

Get ready for a new set of forum banners next week, the voting for round #2 has begun.
Click Here to cast your vote.

Be prepared for a new team section, I'm revamping the current idea and making it bigger, wider and overall better.
Soon to follow after that are 2 new kishu videos.
razorsuKe 3:22am

Some Canadian Drama for a Change Oct. 16
2 New videos in the downloads section:
New Happo IB from Skaction: 2'19'0
and from me: Iro dh 2'58'0 in evo5

Montreal has started taking back some Canadian records, MY records -_-

razorsuKe 10:12pm

New Records, New Challengers! Oct. 7
USA West is serious business now, with recently achieved times including the Model Record for FC Akagi DH and 2'20'2 for S14Q. Also among the list of concured records are 85 and 86 levin. The quadruplet of Bart, Shinn, JJ and What?? are proving to be the new and record setting names of Akagi's downhill.

razorsuKe 2:35am

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