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Initial D Arcade Stage

Requests Are In Mar. 19
IR is so hectic right now that I don't want to comment on it :P have a look at usui akagi wet + tsu.
In the mean time, I'm taking requests for ideas to the site.
As such, an in depth review of Machine Gun Shifting has been added to the basic technique section.
Requests are taken: Here
razorsuKe 2:41am

If you are just tuning in... Mar. 10
Check usui ccw dry and tsuchi ib dry right now!
Amazing stuff being posted, JJ reps us west with a new 45'5 but it doesn't compare to the intense stuff being put out by HK and japan, both at 45'2 now! CKF leading the way by 0.010 only!
Tsu IB dry..... 36 has been hit! By this mysterious LIAM character, PzO's best are at the wheel claiming it back now but he already did his damage with the same-day-stuffage.

Also congratulations to LMH for repping KISHU with the #4 spot in the world for Akina UH
razorsuKe 11:15pm

Intense Week Mar. 2
If you haven't checked usui, check now, struggle between HK and Japan as both sides fight for 1st place in sil80 and 180.
Also some surprising events on Akina up as the FD is now the #2 ranked car?? Well, it is a fun drive on akina up, that's for sure.
I also forgot to mention Tsuchisaka IB! The battle to 36 has begun, which car will take it first, rx8 or evo5?

Videos will be hosted within the next few days, check downloads for the goods.
razorsuKe 11:45pm

Stuffed - CKF Style Feb. 24
Wow, some action on Usui CCW. Masanori takes Usui CCW Dry but the very next day CKF puts out his new time. Sources say it was not a hidden time, now that is style~
Also remember folks, you can submit your tournament events to have them appear on the right panel free of charge!
razorsuKe 12:54am

New Life Feb. 13
Our HK sources say that there is a new guy in town. Keep an eye out on Akina's Uphill. He runs his own style, different than what is now the norm and shows that to truely exceed potentials, you have to look beyond the boundaries. There is more than one way to skin a cat.
Some more refreshing news, IDA will be cooking up some neat things in the following months so stay sharp.
razorsuKe 11:24pm

Fresh New Start Feb. 7
Sorry for the recent down time but initial D Arcade Stage site is now back up!
Videos are down at the moment but give it time, we'll have them soon, if you need anything right now, remember to check out #kishu for all the vids.

Also Happy Birthday goes out to:
DaSkinny, AsianCaucasian, Falfen and 2Fast!!
razorsuKe 3:53am

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